06/05/21 | Andy

Sturdy good quality cat tree

This tree is very well designed. Easy to put together and very sturdy which is perfect for heavier cats. With scratching posts at every level our cat always has a place to dig his claws into. This is the only cat tree he has felt comfortable sleeping on the top ledge as well. Very reasonable for the price!

02/08/19 | Amber

Happy Cats and Customers

I did quite a lot of research in trying to find a new cat tree for my two Siamese cats. They were rapidly outgrowing their smaller one so I wanted one with bed large enough so they could sleep together. This is brilliant as it the top bed enables them to do this and the sisal posts are larger types so more durable I would think. We have placed it in a corner so it’s more steady. It’s a big hit with my two already!

11/08/18 | Donna Chadwick

Not stable

I have other cat trees in this range and love them, but the base on this one is too light and it fell over twice within the first 30 minutes. It was securely put together but it seems to need to be fixed to the wall. Will but other products in this range as the quality is otherwise excellent.

04/26/18 | Miranda O'Brien

Don't hesitate to buy one!

I did a lot of research before I decided which new trees to buy for my guys (7kg & 5kg). I finally chose all three of the Natural Heaven cat trees, I I, I I I and IV. . I definitely hit the jackpot,! They are all sturdy and strong & incredibly easy to assemble. The platforms are generously sized, plenty big enough for my 7kg guy. They have solid heavy plywood bases & platforms. Plus the beds can be removed for laundering. Don't hesitate to buy one, or three

01/25/18 | Emma Harwood


Excellent product. In use almost constantly by one of my cats. I particularly like the sturdiness and the long scratching post so my boys can stretch up high when scratching. Perfect for my ragdolls.

01/04/18 | Lisa S

Nice, Compact Tree

This was very easy to assemble, and is fairly sturdy - my Maine Coon hasn’t managed to topple it! My only small criticism is the cushions are very thin. It is very compact and doesn’t dominate a room.

06/12/17 | Teresa Markham

Cat tree

This is the best cat tree I have ever brought. Cats could not wait they were in box as soon as I opened it. Was very quick to put together and bonus my cats love it. Will be buying another

03/06/16 | B Parker

Excellent, cats were on it within 30 seconds

I bought this cat tree last week, I put it together very quickly, the instructions were very good and the Allen key tool was included. Within seconds, my Somalis were on it, scratching it, trying out the beds. It's a really high quality construction, the posts have a large diameter (perfect for scratching), and it's sturdy when they put their body weight against it to have a long scratch (they're around 5kg). All sleeping surfaces have been used, the favourite is obviously the top bed - due to privacy, superior view over everything and comfort. I've put it next to the window so they can lounge and bird watch at the same time. The colour is neutral, it fits into my cottage decor, and it has a very high quality, elegant look to it. I bought this for their home-away-from-home, they have the giant versions at my primary home, I needed a temporary solution and this is perfect.

10/22/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Great cat tree

I totally love this cat tree! It was well packaged and easily assembled at some speed. My cat was crazy about it from the second it was built and has now become its favourite place in the whole house. So this cat tree comes highly recommended from both cat and owner.

10/20/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

We are satisfied customers

As has been said plenty of times before on here, a wonderful cat tree. Really easy to put together and very space efficient. We put it up against a wall and have had no trouble with stability. Otherwise it might have become somewhat unstable over time.


Lovely cat tree, easy assembly

Beautiful cat tree, easy to assembly and surprisingly quick considering I was on my own. Has a chemical smell initially. The base plate could be heavier to make the whole thing more stable when the cats are jumping on and from it. I solved the problem by squeezing the cat tree in between the wall and a shelf.


Super satisfied!

Not only is this cat tree space-saving, but it's also really practical with its removable and washable pillows. My cat loves scratching and climbing the extraordinarily long scratch posts. Her favourite place is right at the top in the snuggle bed, because she can keep an eye on everything from up there. Very satisfied!

07/13/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Mieze loves it

For 3 months this cat tree has enriched our living room. Our Coonie loves the raised sleeping platforms and of course her favourite place is at the top of the tree. She uses the super long scratch posts to climb and to sharpen her claws. The cat tree looks great, is very stable, and easy to take care of.

05/30/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Absolutely in love

No troubles, quick assembly, very stable - important with 2 big cats (one is almost 6kg). They felt completely at home in their new cat tree. The extra long scratch posts really set this tree apart from the rest. No unpleasant smell and even has an elegant design. I looked for a long time, because my cats are quite fussy - not interested in caves for example. They want comfortable lying areas and lots of scratching space. And that's exactly what they got with this tree. All in all, we are very pleased.


Not for young cats

My little cat (4 months old) still haas some trouble reaching the second and third - especially the third - level of the cat tree. The top one is quite awkwardly placed in relation to the one underneath it, and offers little space to jump from one to the other.


Cat hates this

It's too steep so my cat finds it very difficult to use...consequently he avoids it. What a waste of money! Also, the bottom ledge is just wood so not comfortable for kitties. The whole thing wobbles too.


Very pleased :)

I have to say that this looks just lovely when it's built. It is fairly straightforward to put together. The cushion pads are quite soft so i know the boys will be happy when they're curled up on them :) I do find the tree a tad wobbly in one direction, but i'm not definite that it would fall over. I wouldn't let that put you off purchasing it though. It genuinely seems like great quality materials :)

04/14/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Very nice

Very beautiful cat tree, my cats fight over who gets the top bunk! This cat tree really was worth the money. I was a bit worried that it wouldn't be stable enough as both of my cats are over 6kg but it does the job excellently. They can climb around on it to their hearts's content and because it is up against a wall there is no risk of it tipping over.

04/13/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Great quality, but a little unstable

Super quality, easy to clean thanks to the removable cushions, neat design, and a good price. My two cats totally love it. The extra long scratch post is ideal for cats to sharpen their claws without having to bend unnaturally. Negatives: It would tip over backwards during climbing if it wasn't up against a wall. So either fix it using chevrons or put it in a corner / against the wall. Do not leave the toys on, cut the strings and use them as balls to play with. There have been cats who have strangled themselves with the cords while playing, so it's really not worth the risk of keeping them on!

04/12/15 | lynne

Excellent buy

After looking for weeks I finally decided on the natural heaven 3 at the last minute and so pleased I did. I wanted a tree not too wide that would look nice in a living room but most important that had large sleeping area s as I have a very big rag doll/Persian. This ticks all the boxes and is so easy to assemble.This is the fourth cat tree I ve bought as she keeps outgrowing them and this is by far the best and great value for money. I d recommend this to anyone but especially if you have larger size cat.