06/13/22 | Jade

Stylish, Instant Hit!

Wow! Putting it together the cats were all over it. Then once together just gorgeous to look at! Practical side: easy to put together, sturdy and good quality. Am so happy I bought it!

Very Good

Can’t fault it at all! My cats loved it straight away and they’re never off it, very sturdy. The instructions to build were a little hard to follow and I was missing screws to attach the roof bed but other than that it’s very good and was worth the price
04/02/22 | Kate Cameron

Love it ... and so do they

My tribe of 5 cats helped me put this together, and two had already taken up residence before I had a chance to put in into its new home. Suffice to say - everyone is very happy with this new addition to the home. Easy to put together and sturdier than I had expected for the height of it

Very sturdy & attractive

Very pleased with this tree, it’s very attractive but also has lots of beds for my three cats who are already enjoying it.
02/25/22 | Anne Sones

Excellent tree

Lasted five years, but is now shabby.
12/04/21 | Bethanie Lowe

Beautiful product

Absolutely love this product! Purchased as a Christmas present for my 3 cats, caved in and gave it to them early of course…the design of the tree with the wicker is beautiful, looks lovely in the home. It is very easy to assemble and very sturdy. It’s quite interchangeable, you can move parts around to better fit an area. My cats are obsessed, it has been assembled Approx 10 minutes and they are all fast asleep on it already! I’m sure they will get much joy from this in the coming months!
12/02/21 | Cecilia

Love it!!

I’m very pleased with this product. My three fur babies were instantly drawn to it before I even finish assembling the tree.
07/01/20 | Lorna

Amazing, sturdy and easy to build!

Another amazing cat tree from Zooplus! seriously this is worth the price. Amazing quality and the cats love it. I assembled it by myself in about 20 minutes.
06/21/20 | Samantha Jones

Looks Lovely But Poor Design x

I Bought This For My Cat & Her Kittens, Its Been Destroyed! They Almost 8 Weeks Old, The Wicker Has Come Undone, The Fabric Come Away By The Hut (They Love The Birdy) Very Over Priced For What Is It!! Very Disappointed
05/22/20 | Eileen & Peter

This AMAZING Cat Tree has changed our Cats!

After nine years of being woken up at 4am by bored cats, we finally have a solution! Our cats absolutely adore this. Mounted alongside our old climber (which they now refuse to use) it just shows up its amazing quality- far superior to all the other cat trees we have had over the years. I was so excited with our cats mellow, calm and content behaviour that i put a video up on youtube. I would definitely label each component tho, just to save working out the pieces with a tape measure. 10/ 10
05/23/19 | Lola

Beautiful but not a good finish.

This tree is gorgeous! But the baskets arrived with the top bits frayed and coming away already. Having got the tree out of the box and my pregnant queen falling in love, we decided to keep it but I don’t know how long the baskets will last with damage already.
02/01/19 | Anita

Good but not ideal for cats that chew.

Within 3 months the hut reeding was chewed so I had to remove it, next was the reeding around the lower platform so I removed the metal frame. The top basket sides wern't chewed, but because use it to clamber into the bed, it doesn't take long to shred so I ended up removing the metal frame and leaving the base as a top perch. The scratch posts have lasted but are worn, however, I've fixed Velcro to the platforms and various sized beds to fit them and this works well. With 4 cats, it's stable.
01/29/19 | ER

Good quality, Easy to put together... cats love it!

This is my third cat tree from this brand (other 2 still in use). Very easy to put together and my 2 cats were on it within 5 minutes of it in position. Would recommend...
06/27/18 | Bruce

Incredibly Durable Cat Tree

This cat tree is the business! Our 3 cats had ruined 2 earlier trees in no time, they just weren't a match for our destructive British boy! But this one is totally unscathed after 4 months intense activity - even the toys are still hanging where they are intended. The water hyacinth has not buckled despite solid chewing and the sisal is as good as new. And the best thing is all 3 cats can curl up and snooze in their favourite places. The best cat tree we've ever had.
06/04/18 | Eloise Warren

My little tree climber.

My little tree climbing kitten loves it and can climb all the way to the top because it is covered in rope and woven reeds making it easy for him to climb. He loves sitting in the top and looking down at his surroundings. It was also pretty easy to put together. Only took me 40mins.
10/31/16 | Linda Smith

Great tree

Two cats love this, especially my 3-legged cat who is confined to the garden. Had it around 2 years now and it retains its durability. Fluffy top surface needs a hoover regularly and may, over time, needs replacing but this would be very easy to do with a fabric surface of your choice (and a good staple-gun!). Very sturdy, and cats say 'yes'!

5* cat tree

I love this cat tree! It is a lovely, neutral colour that will go with anything & absolutely huge . . it was really easy for 1 person to assemble & took no more than an hour. Lots of toys & different levels and is all ready for my new kittens to enjoy tomorrow

Good quality and cat loves it

I recommend this. Positives: -My cat loves it! She's abandoned her bed and sleeps in the top basket every night. -It looks stylish, particularly the water hyacinth sides and not out of place in my dining room -The top cushion is removable -Loads of scratching and stretching places -Easy to put together Negatives -She only uses the top, The other levels are wasted. This would be true of them all I think - It does shake as she bounds up. The base is secure but the top shakes. She is only a year old and small too. -It's not obvious from the photos that there is a lot of beige carpet covering it, like the cheaper ones. I would have preferred wood, although my cat might disagree!
04/20/16 | Vera

Great quality and cat loves it

Apparently, this tree is what my cat has been missing. Easy to assemble, and very good looking cat tree.
04/07/16 | Patrick

Great quality and nice looking cat tree

Dylan our 5 year old male Bengal who is over 5kg of muscle loves his new climbing frame. It's very sturdy and doesn't look like an eyesore in the lounge. Delivered within 2 days of ordering. Very good value would definitely recommend.

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