06/09/22 | Penelop

Excellent! The cat loves it

I have quite a big bat (ragdoll) and was worried about finding a tree with a bed that’s big enough, but this one is fantastic. He took to it immediately. Spends many hours sleeping on the bed at the top and goes nuts when he has zoomies. He loves to wrap himself around a pole and attack it with his back legs. Very easy to clean. Love that there isn’t any tacky carpet all over

06/05/22 | Emma Wheelhouse

Love it !!

Absolutely love this item, probably one of the most if not the most solid cat tree I’ve had! I painted it so that it wasn’t raw wood (better for cleaning pee & poo off it as I’m a breeder with kittens)


Excellent Cat Tree

So happy with this cat tree. It is very good quality, sturdy and looks lovely in the house. I like the thick scratching posts and the detachable cushion pads. We have 3 large Turkish Van Cats & a bengal, they all love the tree. Highly recommend.

01/09/22 | Rachel Hussain

Aesthetically pleasing and very sturdy (oh and the cats like it!)

Even at the sale price of £103 this is the most expensive cat tree/scratching post I have bought in 30 years of cat ownership, however you do get what you pay for and this seems by far the most solid and sturdy and will hopefully last many years. I have previously always bought the plush style ones but they do get grubby and require regular vacuuming and sponging. When my 2 young and boisterous siamese decide to chase each other and play fight at the top of it, it doesn’t wobble at all!

11/01/21 | Melanie

Our kittens love it and we do too

Very nice, sturdy cat tree and I love that this is from all natural materials. Our kittens took to it instantly and it's still their favourite resting place (apart from our laps). They absolutely love climbing on it and they've not scratched any of our furniture and instead just use this lovely tree.


A fantastic purchase

I bought this for my tabby. He's a big boi and this definitely holds him and his parcore!? My cat loves this. The top shelf is about 6ft tall and is genuinely a great piece of furniture. It was easy to essemble, I did it myself. It's Strong and doesn't wobble. The little mats are held by strong velcro on the wood and are machine washable. The cat box can be entered from both sides, so you can have it on the left or right. I have no regrets buying this cat tree. I'd buy it again if I had too.


Hard to beat for quality, design and value

I’m not in the habit of leaving reviews but this purchase has changed that. So far installed and not only looks good, seems sturdy and lots of platforms four our cats to fight over. Came with a faulty bolt and had to source a replacement as Zooplus offered a refund that more than covered the cost and hassle of finding replacement part. Zooplus also delivered promptly and resolved issue quickly. Top job all round.

03/16/21 | Alicia

Maine Coon Proof

Great tree, my 11 month old MC loves it aswell as my other 8 domestics. Sturdy, removable and washable covers. No horrible fur cat tree to encourage carpet scratching which is great. I'd buy another if I had a bigger house.

02/14/21 | RealV

Sturdy and looks good

Good for large cats. Top shelf has a minimal wobble but the whole construction is very sturdy, regularly tested by 2 large cats! It is much less ugly than the plush ones.

10/03/20 | Jeanette

Just the job....Highly recommended .

Ideal for our Siberian kitten to grow into and explore. Easy to put together. Sturdy construction , neat appearance and open design . Not overbearing or dominant in a home living room ,despite its dimensions. Easy to clean open design with washable covers. Excellent buy and worth every penny. Highly recommended

09/27/20 | Ros Bridge

Fabulous Cat Tree!!

My partner and I have 3 cats and they all loved this cat tree so much, that I ordered a 2nd one for upstairs! I have never seen them act so excited about anything before! It is a lovely solid item of furniture, the removable pads are lovely and comfy and the platforms are wide enough for even the most portly of kitties. Would whole heartedly recommend this product. Would have given more than 5 stars if possible.

06/24/20 | Dorothy mccarroll


it survived one week broke in half

06/09/20 | Nina Blyth

Best cat tree

My cat loves this. Put it together today and she's already got a favourite shelf. Its time for bed but she's not budging. I think shes there for the night. Very good quality materials and i think it will last for years. Impressed with quality and how easy it is to assemble. Definitely worth the money.

05/03/20 | CJ

Maine Coon Proof

We have a Maine Coon who love launching herself off various furniture and leaving destruction in her path. So we wanted to have some sort of climbing frame which was sturdy enough for her. I’m pleased to say this is brilliant. It’s heavy at the base and well balanced. It also looks ok. So many of these frames look tacky this one doesn’t. I’m fairly sure she’d recommend it to other cats.

02/19/20 | Gill

La Tour Cat Tree

Excellent solid wood cat tree which arrived very well packed . I was able to put it together myself so very good instructions. All the scraping poles are sisal so very well thought out and made. I love it and of course the cats do too. Excellent product !! Well done Zooplus .

02/12/20 | Sam


I had a smaller cat tower that was covered in fur so decided to upgrade to this one. The construction was really easy and I did it in around 30 mins. The tower is tall but the base is still compact enough that it does not overpower my living room. The scratch posts are really sturdy and large. I regret not getting this tower sooner as the cats love it! I have a ragdoll and a scotish fold and it suits both their needs.

02/04/20 | Lin Rodrigo

Easy to assemble & the kitten loves it.

My kitten was on it before I'd finished assembling it. It's very well made & sturdy with large diameter posts. The bed, cabin & platforms are large & solid enough for an 8kg cat or 2. Being solid wood means it could be stained or painted to match decor if preferred. The mats & bed are firmly attached with velcro & don't move as the kitten hurtles round, & are well made with good quality material. This will last much, much longer than the plush chipboard equivalents. Well worth the money.

11/25/19 | Titoto

Fantastic quality

A real wood cat tree with washable bed and mats excellent for large cats. The quality is superb and for the price it’s a must have for anyone with Maine coons

11/09/19 | Katy-jane

Obi's castle

Easy to build and very sturdy! We have a 16 week old burmese kitten who instantly started exploring the bed whilst we built the rest of the climber. He has used it from day one and sleeps in the house everyday when we go to work. It's a great height and doesn't move around when he is having a mad five minutes running up and down the posts! Worth every penny! We love it!