06/04/22 | Vadim

Poor quality

I have two cats , they been playing not a lot and they tore off the balls on the first day.After two weeks, the fabric is also torn.

05/27/22 | Larisa

Nice but not 5 star

My cats love it , especially top bed, but very pure quality of plush, after few months it was scratched by claws and ripped around legs, it is quite durable and stable, suitable even for 3 cats at once, and all will be ok but how to replace this torn material and the beds are all at the hooks.

12/24/21 | Alex

instant hit!

i was a bit nervous getting this as my cat has never had a cat tree before but when she started climbing up her scratching post i figured i should take the leap - i’m glad i did! she’s instantly taken to this cat tree and it is so cute and sturdy! i have no doubt it’ll serve her well for a long time to come! it’s a really reasonable price too considering how big it is and it was really easy to assemble. highly recommend

10/19/21 | Sue Glynn

Nice & sturdy

Just ordered my second gingerbread scratching post. I’ve found these to be very sturdy as my furbaby is a bit manic 😉

10/14/21 | Deborah zissler

Best ever cat tree gingerbread

Hello my name is Debbie, and I'm mam to 3 amazing furbabies Toblerone,Bailies and Callypsoe. I love this cat tree but more importantly the 3 love it. It has everything on it, to play, sleep,scratch and climb. Can't get better than that. The fur is sooo soft, beds are sooo cozy and this particular cat tree lasts a very long time so you get value for your money. This is the 3rd same tree I've had in 10 years. I broke the 2nd 1 by falling into it lol. This tree is for any size, cats large or small

06/17/21 | Barbara Noble


Couldn't have wished for a better cat tree. Excellent quality, sturdy and easy to assemble. I have already recommended this and the website to all I know.

05/31/21 | Samantha Wilson

Best cat tree!

Really big and sturdy. Lots of space with the giant hut and the two large cat beds...which you can remove in the summer or to wash! My boy loves it! I agree with the assembly review, best to built this upside down.

02/28/21 | Karl

Outstanding value for money

Firstly, for what I paid for this on zooplus ,it is an absolute bargain. It's relatively easy to put together and this thing is absolutely huge, the photographs don't even do it justice. My cat was a little apprehensive at first and just sniffed around , but within a few hours she's right at home and absolutely loves it. It seems incredibly sturdy ,but bear in mind I do have only one cat and she is relatively small. Good build quality good price good product highly recommend

01/23/21 | Katie


My cat absolutely loves this tree! Very simple to put together and sturdy.


Massive and amazing

This cat tree is huge in the best way possible! I have a new 5 month old + 2 year old and they love it. It has helped in their relationship growth as they have vertical space to explore and the 2 y/o can sit up high and watch the crazy kitten. Their favourite space is the middle layer - the round bed and the larger platform. The hammock is much too small for any cat other than a tiny kitten. The tallest bed is really hard to get to so they do not go up there. They use all the scratch posts! Love

12/28/20 | Jessie bishop

Verry poor quality

I got this for my 2 large cats as it say EX LARGE the box house part is so small and the 2 round perch beds are not big enough The quality is verry poor and the instructions are usless Its not verry sturdy at all considering returning it


6 years on and going strong

I purchased this for my cat when I brought him home for the first time. Hes had this for 6 years and despite moving home twice its lasted it all. My cat is a big ginger 6kg lump and he swings of it. full disclosure i have had to re wrap some of the sisal rope because he had made that rather tatty. But it has truly stood the test of time.

10/31/20 | Marcia


An amazing cat tree for the price, it’s a lot bigger than I thought, well worth the money.

10/18/20 | Elise Dennison

Cat approved!

A good, solid, well sized tree (properly big), pretty easy to put up, and used from day one (thanks to judicious placement of cat treats and the cardboard box in which it came). It's given our old tabby a new lease of life, she loves it, and our youngest is now regularly exploring it. Plus it looks good. It's a win-win all round.

10/09/20 | Donna

Kitten loves it

My kitten would only sleep on laminate flooring. Didn't sleep in his bed or blanket. But this he will sleep in. His not used the scratching posts yet. Love the pompoms. Rather sterdy was quite difficult to put together as scratching posts kept making my hands bleed. Wear gloves if you have delicate hands. But end result is lovely. Especially for a indoor cat

09/28/20 | Emma


As an owner of 5 cats I needed something that was big but sturdy enough to hold them, after buying many of eBay, and them lasting a month max I decided to try zooplus, Delivery was quick and easy, assembly was easy, took under an hour, and the product is sturdy and strong, all 5 cats have climbed all over it and it’s not even rocked, Massively impressed ! The cat box does as many people have mentioned wobble a tiny bit, but this will be fixed by a wall bracket, Overall, amazing company & tree!

09/26/20 | Carly Davies

Amazing! :D

I ordered this based on other reviews as my fur baby is 6 months old and needed an upgrade from his other one and this is an amazing cat tree we built it up in no time and before it was built our cat was up on it exploring. Once set up and placed in its own space he was immediatley loving it would 100% recommend to anyone. :D Thank you zooplus this is wonderful :D

09/14/20 | Dee Coupland


Poor qualiity, the beds are so small even my kittens are too big for them. Can feel the screws through the fabric not entirely cat friendly. i have a different one which is excellent

09/03/20 | Shelagh Medic

Huge hit!

Our girls love this tree, it’s perfect for climbing and sleeping not to mention watching the birds out of the window!

07/19/20 | Theresa Stokes

Cat tree

had this for quite a few years still going strong well worth the money