11/09/21 | Jill Paul

Great product

I purchased my first tree in 2018, it’s now showing signs of needing replacement. It’s not the structure that’s let it down, it’s the scratching posts that have all stated to unwind. It’s a shame you can’t purchase them separately. All my cats including my 2 daughters love sitting and sleeping on it. 7 cats definitely give the ‘paws’ up! I’m now awaiting delivery of its replacement.

09/25/21 | Michaela Vincent

It’s a thumbs up from us! 👍🏻

Great product and excellent value for money… Very heavy and sturdy and I love the chunky scratch posts… Passed Boo Boo’s QC too 😊 I have read a few negative reviews about the tree breaking, I’m hoping this won’t be the case as I feel it is going to be a favourite look out for our boys!

08/10/21 | Chris McGurgan

Top notch, well built cat tower.

Brought this following the demise of a far cheaper inferior version. Expensive, yeeeeeeeeees but well worth it. Quality and style are both fantastic. Built in around 20 minutes with the tools provided, my two devils love it. My pair are fairly heafty felines, Bengal and Arabian Mau breeds and this looks like it will suit them for some time. All covers are removable / washable too which is good. Oh and amazing fast postage too.


Poor quality

I have to edit my review about this cat tree. I purchased 3 yrs ago but I didn't get any response from last my comments here. The top part of tube had broken after 3 months of used and purchased. So I ask a handy man to fix the issue. The handy man filled up with some expanding. We puts it back but a middle part had broken same way as top part after 6 months of purchased.I can not recommend this product to owners of the ragdoll cats.Because this type of cats are heavy and strong.Quality is poor

04/01/21 | Chloe

Big, sturdy and great quality

We recently bought this for our ragdoll who'd outgrown her previous cat tree. We were a bit reluctant of the price but honestly were absolutely made up. Our cat is also delighted, and I think a bit surprised with the size compared to her old one!

03/03/21 | Sylwiw

Highly recommend

It's great. My cats love it

12/08/20 | colin


We have several cat tress (one excellent one from 2002) and most are made from MDF. They are not strong, the cats have ripped the carpet from the posts, they warp and wobble and the fixing screws end up buried in the boards. With this one the shelves and base are heavy, rigid 18mm plywood, (same as my shed floor) and the posts are covered in tough string/sisal. Despite the height the cats (2) the cats do not look like they will drag it over. We have one large cat and the hammock fits him.


Not sturdy at all

I purchased this after seeing so many great reviews but I disagree with the majority of them. It’s *very* wobbly at the top and I did not feel like it was safe for my cat. It felt like it was about to break in two when she was on the top tier. I immediately took the top part off so the hammock is the top tier now. Could’ve bought something else for that price. That said, my cat already loves the hammock and the big scratch posts. Had it arrived like this and cost accordingly - 5*s...

07/21/20 | Linny

Replacement Beds

I have bought 2 trees from this range because they are a lot sturdier than the cheaper chipboard ones and have lasted well. All 3 cats enjoy using them and even use the hammock which surprised me! My only suggestion is please, please, please can you make all the beds available to purchase separately? The trees themselves are still solid after several years but the beds are not fairing so well and look shabby. I’m really surprised no one sells replacement beds for any trees that I’ve found.


Amazing Product. Double Amazing Service!

CAT CLIMBER, WHAT CAT CLIMBER? I WOULD CALL THIS A BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF FURNITURE, BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME! As you put this together (takes fifteen minutes max and is simple to do), you can feel the amazing quality. If you want quality, then forget the rest and opt for the best! We ordered two cat climbers and they were brilliant! They have transformed our conservatory and the cats love them. Thank you Zooplus for transforming our cats lives and being so amazingly helpful! THANK YOU!!

01/15/20 | Sarah

The Hammock is a deal breaker

My cat loves this cat tree. She loves hanging out in the hammock and watching whats going on around her. It's a big tree but perfect for my cat who is a large cat - 5.2 kg. It was super easy to put together and is well made. Although it moves slightly when she tried to jump to the top, it is clearly very sturdy. Highly recommend!!!


Great tree - would buy again

This is a great tree. I've had others in the past that have just fallen appart and then I bought this one. It doesn't wobble when kitty uses it and the beds and hammock are machine washable. Had it for over a year now and can't see a need to replace it anytime soon. I highly recommend this tree.


A very happy cat

Arrived very quickly. Good quality and easy to assemble. Our ragdoll approves

04/13/19 | Tara

Cat tree

This has proved to be a really dangerous bed and should be recalled - the top cat bed is only secured down with a few bits of Velcro that isn’t that tough and my cats have fallen off many a time and hurt themselves on the way down. So much so my husband has now screwed the bed down but my cat has thrown up over it so it’s now deemed useless and needs taking up the tip as I able to wash. The sides also aren’t sturdy enough on the top bed so when my cat is asleep but moves he falls off

10/07/18 | Vicky

Best cat tree for miles

I bought this cat tree to help a foster cat get from the top of the cupboard where she loved to hide to the floor quickly, and back. It helped her confidence no end. Then it was taken over by my older cat, who won't sleep on anything but the middle bed. It provides a bit of a haven from the kitten who loves scrambling up all sides of it. Word of warning, it is very heavy because it's such good quality.

09/20/18 | Anne Wren

A good frame with awful beds

I agree with an earlier reviewer, the top bed is dangerous. My eight month kitten tried to climb into it but the bed pulled away from the velcro fastenings causing him fall the full height of the cat tree. the base of the bed is thin & the screw can be clearly felt through it & the sides are soft offering no support. After seven months, one of the beds is now useless as the sides have collapsed. Zooplus are looking into my complaint but told me it is an old product...seven months is old?

09/11/18 | Jane Roberts

no quality control

Had the first tree delivered last week, the den was damaged and the holes in the base to fix the tree together were clearly drilled in the wrong place. Received the replacement today, the den is fine but the holes are still in the wrong place - there is no way, without drilling our own holes, that the tree can be built. Has the manufacturer changed? Is there any quality control at all? Currently awaiting a call back. I'm really disappointed because the tree looks fantastic!

03/29/18 | Danielle Strachan


My two girls absolutely love this tree always sleeping on the bed Or hammock. Don’t use the box too much. Worth the money quality is amazing and it was fairly easy to assemble.

03/24/18 | Vix Hill

Fantastic if you have high ceilings!

Perfect for my 5 large cats (I ordered 2) you definitely need to measure up because they are very tall - my ceilings are very high and these aren't quite tall enough but they can be screwed to the wall for extra stability because they will not stand up with out being braced by the ceiling or attached to the wall (the base is too small). They look so clean and minimal. I love them so much and the washabilty of the cushions and mats is an added bonus!


top level is dangerous

A wonderful sturdy tree but safety issues means only 2 stars. The bed on the top has soft floppy sides & is attached by only three small 9cm x 2cm strips of velcro. My eight month old kitten climbed up the post & as he tried to pull himself up onto the top, the bed came away from the velcro & he fell 175cms to the ground striking a lower level on his way down. He has a vet appointment later this morning for a check up. Any bed on top should be fixed to the base & have firm sides NOT velcro.

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