09/22/21 | Mary


Made my kitten sick with diarrhoea and very gassy.
09/07/21 | Mary

Sadly, not good :(

Made my kitten sick (gassy, diarrhoea) after 7 weeks on this food. Changed to a different brand and all went back to normal. It may be to do with high amount of pea and potato protein in James Wellbeloved kitten dry food. Started reading on the subject and apparently pea and potato are not good for sensitive stomach. And it says on the pack that it’s supposed to be gentle on sensitive tummies. It is not (in my case anyway)
08/09/21 | Kelly

Love this

My kitten absolutely loves this and he is growing up big and strong and healthy. He doesn't like wet food of any kind so this is perfect for him.

Great quality kitten food

Great value for a superior product. My kitten loves the dry food. Highly recommended.
05/31/20 | Mary

Perfect for settling upset tummies!

Since my kitty was 9 weeks she was having digestive problems. Diarrhoea, really smelly poops and sometimes even blood. There were many visits to the vets just to be told there was nothing wrong with her, so to put her on special food - we were spending £20 a bag on Purina science plan and Royal Canin and nothing seemed to be working. I read the ingredients on this and decided to give it a go and Voilá...within a week or so her poops where solid and then there was 0 blood. Amazing!!
01/27/19 | liz

stopped diarhhea

Ever since we got our girl at 9 weeks old all dry food has given her diarhhea. We decided to try this one and it's the only one out of 5 brands that hasn't given her diarhhea. She loves it and we couldnt be happier with her stool. Everyone also says how soft her coat is

Kittens love it

My kittens are fed the wet pouches with some dry kibble and they love it. They came to me having been fed Royal Canin Kitten and had runny and smelly stools. This has now stopped after being on James Wellbeloved and their stomachs are all settled. Good meat content and ingredients.


I had been feeding my kitten Whiskas for quite a while and her coat was dull, she was looking skinny and & her poop smelt really bad! After doing a lot of research I found this food & decided to check it out. The Zooplus customer service team were brilliant in answering any queries regarding the product & my order. After just a week of her being on this dry food alone her poop went from being smelly and and really soft to NOT smelly & normal! I will continue to buy this product from Zooplus :-)


My kitten loves this dry food! It looks to be of Excellent quality and has great ingredients. It is very affordable to. The 1.5kg pack will last approx 1 month for me which is great. Thank you very much Zooplus! Will continue to purchase :-)
03/10/18 | Jane Outram

Kittens love it

A healthier option for my kittens with less cereal and more nourishment
12/06/17 | Baxter


After trying cheaper makes and supermarket own makes, I got this as a free sample from the vets, and my two kittens absolutely love it. I will not go back to the cheaper stuff. They get just 30g each every day, along with Felix wet food pouches. I will next try and change to JW wet food also. I 100% recommend this dry food to anyone.
11/16/17 | Michela

Great food for sensitive digestive systems

I have two oriental kittens one of which has a very sensitive digestive system and had terrible bowel movements and wind pretty much constantly. Thought I'd get them both on jwb as I know it's a good quality food and I couldn't be happier! Finally he has solid poops and very very rarely passes gas it's a god send and he loves the food as does his brother so happy all around 😊
07/24/17 | Bren Parkins-Knight

amazing quality-healthy kittens

My kittens were sensitive to other major brands. This pet food is loved by them (they have the wet and dry versions) their tummies are settled, the litter box doesn't smell as much as with the other foods...very happy and would recommend highly - its great quality food for your kitten
02/09/16 | milena

Very good

My kitten had a sensitive stomach, and had gasses (it was terrible!). With this food, her stomach got better, no gasses, and the litter visits were not that often. Also, the littler smelled significantly less. With this food, she also ate less frequently. Very happy about it. Do try it!

fussy kitten

My fussy kitten disliked most dry foods till I tried this one! Very happy with it, as said above it smells good, nice sized bites for little mouthes, and he's eating this and finishing the whole bowl. Very pleased with this food.
10/01/14 | Sandra


the best dry food!
02/06/14 | Florian

kitten loves it

My kitten loves this dry food. She'll eat this rather than her wet food... I have to mix this with her wet food so she will eat it.
04/29/13 | Caro Davy

Kittens love it - and so does my NOSE!

Have fed James Wellbeloved for years and highly recommend. All my cats have loved it and unlike many cat foods, it actually smells tempting to me as well!. You can tell that what's in there is good. The condition of my kittens' coats improved noticeably after they came to me and I started feeding them JW. A huge unadvertised benefit is very much less smelly poo, and less of it, as there is less undigestible filler than cheaper foods. A big winner with two kittens using litter trays! A quality food and it shows.
01/02/12 | Paul James

Happy kitty

Had my kitten for 5 weeks now, He is a siamese kitten and had him from 14 weeks old, Could not get him to eat any wet food, Just like the gravy and left the meat, In my kitten pack from the breeder was a trail pack of this, I gave the kitten it and he loved it, Its so much easier to feed than wet food and there is never any waste. Have try the other ones in this and he sure loves it, It works out not to expensive in the long run and you never have any dirty plates to wash up

Excellent food

I can't praise this kitten food enough, it was a lifesaver for my kitten. She was covered in scabs from another dry food I was feeding her. I tried James Wellbeloved and within weeks her skin was clear and she is a happy content thriving little girl now. I would 100% highly recommend this food and my kitten loves all varieties. I like to give my cats variety too, so again James Wellbeloved scores highly here for me with 4 different flavours.

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