03/31/21 | Julian Barter

Definitely helped

We have a 15 year old Siamese who really struggles in the cat litter and has done for 2 years. We tried this and it definitely helps and is hugely better compared with the other food. I would certainly recommend anyone to try this.

03/08/21 | Janey

This really helped with my cat's upset tummy

I have two cats of a certain age and both have had problems with their digestion over the last few months. One being sick, the other with diarrhoea. I bought this after reading some of the other reviews and it has really helped both cats keep their food down. They seem to really like it too, which helps when we all know how fussy cats are. I will be keeping them on this for now on, as it seems to have worked for me and them.

07/01/20 | Sebastian adrian

Excellent service!

5 stars, quick delivery! Highly recommended!


A good food

My poor Persian has both pancreatitis and IBD. He is 17 1/2 and we have tried many different foods. This is one that is good for the pancreatitis as it has a low fat content and good for the IBD, which is VERY severe in his case. Although the diarrhoea is not completely solved it is better, and he seems to enjoy the food. would recommend giving this a go.

11/19/15 | Norah

Good for my sick Cat

My two years old ragdoll was diagnosed with suspected IBS and since then I have been feeding her d/d hills science pea and venison which was recommended by the vet, i also give her raw venison two times a day. I tried the high calories version of this food two months ago and she loved it, no to mention it didn't harm her tummy, I decided to try this version and it smells actually the same but looks round rather than triangle and she enjoyed it, I hope it's as good as the other one.Thanks Zooplus