05/24/21 | WB

Our cats didn't like this at all

Not a lot of aroma so not popular with our two
12/22/20 | Vivi S

Has it changed its formula or is this bag just off...

My cat, Muffy, who is on a Sensitive Diet, usually loves this dry cat food, and I would usually give this product 5 stars, but I've just come to open a new bag I bought in November with a sell-by date of 7.2021, and the dry food smells very chemically & unpleasant, It usually smells meaty and fresh & just wonder if this bag is off. My cat won't eat it and usually she loves it...

leo food

Just want to praise this company for what's going on with this Corona Virus . They had sold out of my dried cat food and said they would let me know when it had come back in that was 1 April well i forgot all about them but they did let me know about i think 22 April so i went ahead and ordered it and within 3 days its now come (27April ) WHAT A COMPANY . THANK YOU ZOOPLUS . YOU AND YOUR SEAFF ARE DOING A WONDERFUL JOB AND ALL THE DELIVERY DRIVER'S . STAY SAFE . Many kind regards Sheila
09/06/18 | Rebecca

This is right for our sensitive Bengal

Our Bengal has tried a handful of different foods and I really appreciate how much this one suits him. Other foods just went straight through him and make him quite poorly Sensitive is well recieved and comes out how it should. Works great for my kitty. Would recommend others to try if cat has a sensitive stomach


Vet recommend this but kitty became extremely ill! Puking and diarrhea. Binned it after sending a sample to manufacturer. They said it smelled funny but nothing wrong with it. Not buying this brand ever again.

So Glad I Found This Food !

My Persian was diagnosed with Pancreatitis about a month ago my vet ordered a Prescription food for him which he refused to eat I did some research spoke to Royal Canin and then my vet and decided to try this food well it was like a miracle Harvey is now back to normal no more diarrhea and is so much happier my daughter could not believe the difference when she saw him even his coat looks better this food is worth every penny !
02/28/17 | Sue

Seems to work very well and cats like it

We have 2 Maine Coons, one is very healthy and the other one was a sickly kitten and is now a sickly cat with endless eye, ear and gum infections, a snotty nose and frequent colitis. We got his tummy stable with Orijen but always have eye drops in the fridge for the next eye infection. We then had another Maine Coon kitten come to stay - she also developed bad tummy issues and her vet put her onto this food. Our sickly 4-year-old started stealing it and now he's pretty much completely better!
02/11/17 | Karen

The best food ever for sensitive tummies

I took in two rescue cats from Blue Cross who are both diary, gluten, wheat, egg etc intolerant and at first I thought, gosh this will be a challenge to ensure they stay health and fit as they were only just a year old. I looked into the food options on Zooplus' website - the best food for them has been the Sensitivity Control 27 which they have absolutely loved from day 1. I also buy the food pouches with the same ingredients in them and their tummies are good and they are fit and healthy.

Made my cat sick

I used to use this food for a previous cat I had and it was great. There was a choice of Chicken and Rice or fish and rice Now it is Turkey only and I thought I would try it but this made my cat worse. Shame they don't make the food in the other flavours anymore
06/28/15 | Aileen Lightbody

Excellent value for money and much appreciated by a Very Senior Cat

My 18 year old tabby Silver loves these biscuits which were originally recommended by the vet for his sister who had a very sensitive stomach and who, sadly, had to be put to sleep 7 months ago, but in order to avoid food wars at the time the vet said she had no hesitation about him having them as well. Although he continues to have no food problems she still recommends them because of his age in order to help keep his digestion as healthy as possible. Also I have checked this item out on several websites, and Zooplus is by far the cheapest. Delivery is always prompt as well.
04/08/15 | shelagh

On vet's advice

I am "owned" by four boys and one of them had a "holiday" at the vets so - as a result SUDI (which means lucky)has got to be on a sensitive diet and was put on royal canin (already a royal canin user) but he is not too keen on it and has been sick once or twice there has been an improvement with some of his brothers, they took to it readily but some like it and others don't.
10/08/14 | originally published in zooplus.nl

No more bowel symptoms!

My two hairless cats have had a period of not digesting their food properly (vomiting). Their stools were also not firm and quite smelly. I started using the Royal Canin Vet Diet Sensitivity Control 8 weeks ago, and the vomiting has stopped and their stools are firm again. There are also no more unpleasant odours from the litter box.
08/09/14 | originally published in zooplus.it


My cat has been suffering from eosinophilic granuloma and has finally (hopefully) come out of the tunnel of dermatoses thanks to this product. I have tried many brands with little result, but this line is perfect for now.
05/20/14 | originally published in zooplus.es

My solution!

This veterinary range has been a real salvation for my cats. One of them has skin problems and a tendency to gain weight, and with this food I think we've managed to minimise the skin problems while keeping his weight down. We've tried many foods and only this one has helped us to achieve results. So very happy :)

The decisive solution for my cats

My Siberian has showed small traces of blood in her stool for a few months (they are formed but soft). The cat has always eaten Royal Canin products as well as Happy Cat, and the vet has diagnosed a strong intestinal inflammation due to a likely food intolerance to certain ingredients in the food. I was recommended a diet based on RC Sensitivity Control and the cat is now very well, her fur is even more thick and shiny, the blood is gone, and the stool consistency is back to normal. I would only recommend it if your vet has advised it, as it is a 'veterinary diet' and shouldn't be tried without a vet's supervision.
05/01/14 | originally published in zooplus.it


Great food
04/30/14 | originally published in zooplus.it

Quality and results

My big cat Zumba only eats this, and it seems that all is well!!
04/30/14 | originally published in zooplus.it


Thor loves them! We tried the suggestion of this veterinary food because of a probable food intolerance, and our big cat has particularly appreciated it, and more importantly it has solved his diarrhoea problems.
04/30/14 | originally published in zooplus.it

Sandy loves it

When the vet advised us to start using this food, and I was afraid that Sandy, who is usually very picky, would refuse to eat them. But instead she's mad about them!
03/24/14 | Stephanie Gower

My Maine Coon Loves it!

One of my Maine Coons was diagnosed with IBD...she lost a huge amount of weight and was hospitalised for some time. The specialist after stabilising her advised to feed RC Sensitivity Control. Its really made a difference. No vomiting...she's gone from 4.4kg to 5.2kgs in a week....she's happy and loves the biscuit. Would definitely recommend.

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