06/15/21 | Emily

Keeps the cat trim

I have a cat who is a master hunter and needs weight control. This helps keep her trim.

09/18/20 | Rachel

Great for diabetic and non diabetic cats

My diabetic 12 year old has been in remission for about 4 years thanks to this and integra wet food. Both he and the other cat devour this as its easier to feed them the same. That said neither like the wet version of this. Thank goodness for the large bags and quick delivery even throughout Covid.

03/06/20 | CC

good recomendation

our diabetic cat would only eat dry food prior to becoming unwell, his appetite disappeared and he would not eat the prescription dry foods given to him. we tried this after our vet recommended royal canin stating most cats love it. She wasn't wrong! there is a very generous portion size in each packet. our cat struggled to eat so we started with lots of brands from zooplus and he loved them all.


An excellent product!

Our diabetic cat enjoys eating this food, but so do our other cats when they can seize the opportunity! A very popular product! We also appreciated the speed and efficiency of the delivery!

05/03/15 | Juyee

Excellent diabetic food for my cat

My little Charlemagne loves this diabetic food. It is so good to find something which he likes. He therefore only eat this food and some fish on special occasions.

05/03/15 | Rose Payne


i have a diabetic cat who is a fussy eater, he has to have this product for life. I have found the service brilliant. Always prompt so no waiting around. I would not hesitate to recommend not only this product, but this site too.

05/07/14 | originally published in zooplus.it


and at the best price we've found online!



Unfortunately my cat's diabetes is irreversible and I have to give him two insulin injections per day. Between the cost of insulin and that of kibble I spend a considerable amount, but when I found zooplus I started saving a bit of money, and with the regular deliveries my cat's diabetes is under control!



I've been buying this product for almost a year, it's easy to buy online and it arrives in a few days. The food quality and size of 3.5kg is really convenient, and since diabetes is a lifelong illness it's handy to order lots of bags and always have some at home.



I was planning to give 5 stars but I've just found that the price has gone up slightly so I'm dropping a star for that. However, for people who unfortunately have a diabetic cat this is a handy size and it's hard to find in stores, so zooplus is useful with its quick delivery.

04/30/14 | originally published in zooplus.it

Diabetic feline

For my diabetic cat this has been a real life changer, thank you zooplus!

02/21/14 | originally published in zooplus.it

Excellent product

A big thankyou to zooplus, everything arrived on time and customer service was great. The product is fantastic, and even my non-diabetic cat loves it. The current price is also good, keep it up! I will always be a zooplus customer as long as I have pets.

06/24/13 | originally published in zooplus.es


Keeps my Lilu's diabetes at bay


Pretty good

All of my cats have enjoyed this food, even then healthy ones! My diabetic cat has definitely improved!

01/04/13 | originally published in zooplus.it

Super convenient!

I ordered this food for my grandma's cat, and when I saw the price I really couldn't believe it - it's far cheaper than the shops or the vet's! This site is really very affordable!


Went down well

I had been feeding my 15yr old female with the 12+ until this came out. She's a bit of a grazer throughout the day and as she's getting older some times it seams she just can't be bothered to each much. This tends to play havoc with her blood glucose levels and I find controlling her can be a little difficult. However I have noticed a big difference on the diabetes food, things are much more stable now. Definately keep a close monitor on levels when you start this as I have had to adjust her injection a couple of times over a 3 week period, she is needing less insulin now and her glucose levels are very stable.