Unbelievably Good

For 8 years my cat has suffered with diarrhoea and food intolerance.I decided to give Royal Canin Veterinary gastrointestinal a try not hoping for too much success. I cannot believe that after just two days of feeding him only this food he has had absolutely normal poo and after 8 weeks things are just perfect. I wish i had tried it years ago. Both my cats love it and always empty their bowls. It may be expensive but it has made me realise how important a good diet is for my cats.

No more digestive problems!

Can't believe this worked so well when I had tried so many dried options before. One of my Orientals has had runny poos since I got him and after many vet visits it came down to probably food related. .This has cleared his stomach problems completely and he loves it. I give a little of the wet option too but he does prefer the dried. Am so happy I tried this

Happy kitties

My cats (siblings) both have sensitive tummies. This food is £££ but a godsend - loose, bloody stools to healthy, firm poos! I started feeding the kibble dry but they're so greedy they'd happily eat a day's portion in one sitting. Splitting it into small regular meals still had them crying for more. I now soak a day's worth of kibble the night before and leave it in the fridge overnight. They now feel like they're getting more food each time (I smush it into a licky mat) and aren't as thirsty.
01/11/22 | Jacqueline

Great food

I have an elderly boy who always had loose poo’s, I’ve only had him 5yrs, & was then being sick quite often, changed to Royal Canin Veterinary Gastrointestinal wet & dry & he’s the best he’s been. Loves the dry, poops have firmed up, likes the wet food also, best decision changing to this food, ardly ever sick now
09/28/21 | sadia

Upset stomach gone

My cat has a really sensitive stomach ,since he was a kitten . Everything I tried just failed . Gas, runny stools, lack of appetite ,lethargy etc .To see him like that I was more ill then him. I read the reviews on line and was convinced. Though I had to put some JWB on top of this dry food to lure him, he is smell motivated. Food bowl clean, and to my surprise, his stools were fixed within 24 hours. At the moment he is on RCG ,Wee box natural wet food .Thanks for all the positive reviews.
09/15/21 | Amy

Stopped the stinky farts

New male cat, very farty. Also had bad skin so spent a fortune on anallergenic food for a few months to see if it helped. It didn’t. Switched to this one and the farts stopped immediately. His tummy isn’t as round or bloated. The biscuit pieces are very small, but he seems to like it a lot and I’m glad it doesn’t stink like the low allergy one did (beef monster munch!)

Cat says NO

Bought this Royal Canin Gastrointestinal because of all the good reviews I read but my cat is not interested in eating it. He likes his food to have a strong tasty aroma,which this dry food doesn’t have, so he just walks away!
03/19/21 | Bruno

Stopped my cat’s diarrhea

I’ve been using this food for several years and it’s been great. My cat have problems with diarrhea and this food is absolutely amazing! It’s the only food that doesn’t give my cat any problems. He was even pooping blood because of the diarrhea and now eating this food has solved the issue.
01/22/21 | Sam


If you have a cat with a sensitive stomach and persistent diarrhea - this food is an absolute god send. Results within 24-48 hours!!! Its honestly the best food out there to solve the issue. Its very pricey therefore i have now moved on from this onto JWB but if any issues arise again i will be going straight back to this. Owner of 5 ragdolls.
11/17/20 | Teresa Meehan

Great food and she loves it.

My cat came to me as an elderly recue and brought with her a couple of chronic conditiond I.B.S. and Kidney Failure, the difference this food has made to her conditin is unbeleivable, she is running around the garden,, like a kitten, she does have monthly injections too but it is a bit complicated as the treatment for IBS damages her kidneys further I have to make hash decions sometimes that I wish I did'nt have to, so we are living for the here a now. I know this diet is right f
09/07/20 | Cat mama

Stopped upset stomach

My cat went missing for 23 days. When we got her back she was skin and bones. A few days later she develped diarrhoea that wouldn't go away even when she was only eating plain boiled chicken breast and rice. The vet reccommended this food and after reading lots of good reviews I felt confident Mitsy would get better. In less than a week she was having normal poops again. She absolutelly loves this food (wet and dry) and is back to her normal healthy weight. This food is worth every penny.
08/27/20 | Misha

A food that works!

I have a ragdoll and have tried every dried cat food on the market to help with his very messy poos and nothing worked. I was advised to feed fresh boiled chicken and this helped a little but did not make him any healthier. I finally tried this and within days he was so much better with no more messes! I now use this and also Royal Canin Ragdoll and he eats everything up. A very happy one year old cat, so thank you everyone for the helpful reviews!
08/24/20 | Sandra Ellis

Great food

After spending a fortune on various cat foods for my 14 year old Birman I've finally discovered this food! He's suffered with chronic diarrohea for a couple of years now and earlier this year had hepititis. It was a struggle to get him to eat anything and he lost a lot of weight, but finally I tried Royal Canin Gastrointestinal, both dry & wet food. He absolutely loves it and wolfs it down! I am so happy!! Thank you Royal Canin, I can't recommend this food highly enough!
08/07/20 | Lisa Jeffrey

Perfect little biscuits

My eldest cats had an unusually bad tummy and I was prescribed these biscuits. All my cats loved them so much I only use these now. I also have a cat with a struvite problem and it’s even ok for her to steal some from the boys.
06/23/20 | Sarah

Great for a sensitive Bengal

Our Bengal had terrible diarrhoea as a kitten. We followed our vets guidance and treated for worms then tried the Hills version of this food. Neither were successful. Protexin pro-kolin was effective but not a long term solution. I saw a couple of reviews for this food mention Bengal kittens so decided it was worth a try. Within a few days this food did more than several weeks of treatment and Hills food. She’s on regular RC food now but I keep a small bag of this in case of stomach upset.
04/20/20 | Jan


This food is the only food that doesn't upset my cats tummy

Great food for intestinal problems

We had our cats with intestinal problems, we tried differents food, but nothing was changed; after using this one, everything back as always, and ours cats are very happy as well.
11/29/19 | Denise Lynn Shepherd

Yummy say my boys

My cats actually ate this and didn’t leave anything in the bowl, which makes a change and it helped their digestive system a lot. No runny poos
11/21/19 | Frank

My Cat's health

My cat was being sick frequently and we tried this gastro intestinal kibbled food half and half with wet food and sickness stopped, two months now and all is good
10/25/19 | Gillian Manthorpe

Excellent for cats who have food intolerance

Our vet put Minnie Moo on this after she had been vomiting every other food back up! So far so good and she actually likes the food too!

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