02/18/22 | David

Cats love this kibble

Great kibble for all types of cats


Abit hit and miss

My cats seem to enjoy this, however 2 of my cats are fed a different dry food as one gets constant diarrhoea and the other vomits it straight back up. The others seem fine on it.


Change of recipe???

I’m not sure what to think, but my three cats regularly eat this as they suffer with sensitive tums….but after my recent purchase of this dry food…all three of my cats toilets smell foul, they all have very smelly gas & diarrhoea! The reason they are on this food is to stop the smelly toilets, gas & upset tummies! But since restocking this food…my poor felines are stinking my house out. They are not well and I’m beginning to wonder if their has been a change in the recipe???

09/13/21 | Pat

Great food

My cats are very fussy but they love this food.


Crazy cat lady

I have 6 cats aging from 3 years to 14 years 1 bengal 3 thirties and 2 black and white short haired they I switch from a dry food which was good but this is a fantastic all round food for healthy happy cats but be warned once they have tasted this you will have difficulty going back to a lesser quality food. I'm happy cos my cat are healthy and happy...worth every penny

02/19/21 | Steve

Great clumping

Really like this. Performs well clumping, odour control. Top marks from me. 👌👍


My cats love this.

Recommended by the cat rescue group we got our kittens from.

01/18/21 | Petra Humm

Not being sick anymore

I was buying shops own biscuits for my four cats, three girls and a boy. The oldest one a female ragdoll was continuously being sick so felt we needed to address the situation. I tried a few different options and this one seems to tick the box as we are not getting any sickness and they all enjoy the biscuits. Not too big and easy to digest. More money but worth it, who likes being sick?!

01/16/21 | Pauline Hogarth

Calissi approves

The hooman belonging to Calissi would like to inform you that Calissi mightily approves of your biscuits. Calissi has a delicate pallet and rarely approves of biscuits or meat. Her hoomans have searched this fair land, far and wide for any edible food product that is pleasing to her majesty. She wishes you glad tidings to you kin folk in return for your biscuits.

11/28/20 | Lisa

what a difference

I have 5 cats and 2 have always had a problem when pooping ie the runs and smelly one's at that. I have tried changing the wet food and dry food they ate including other Royal Canin and well know brands but no change. After reading some of the reviews on here I decided to give this dry food a try but with no change to the wet food...OMG what a difference and within 48 hours. I'm recommending it to everyone now :)

09/07/20 | Tessa Parker

Satisfaction with this food

Colin , my cat. now very old has been on this dried food for some years . I changed my supplier this time and I am looking forward to good service. The first bag was delivered the next day!!! so very pleased., not happened before with previous supplier. THank you so much.


The only dry food that's been kind to my cat's stomach

I have tried about 10 different types of dry cat food but all apart from this one gave my kitty the runs. I am so grateful I have found this one, wish I found it earlier! Hopefully different flavours come out in the future as if he gets bored of this one I don't know what I'd do next.

10/06/19 | Emily

Only food I can feed my ragdoll!

We love these biscuits! I feed them to all 4 of my cats adlib and they love them! When we got our ragdoll Nina we went through so many different foods to try and combat her sloppy poops and this was the only food that worked! Nice normal hard poops all round ! Plus all my cats have gotten wonderfully glossy fur since feeding these biscuits ! Id never feed anything other than royal canin now 😊

07/27/19 | Ruksar

No more messy surprises💩

My kitty has a sensitive stomach so I tried this and switched from supermarket cheaper food and finally no more having to run around after my semi long furred cat to mop up runny poops! I feed this to all of my cats now to reduce them mixing up the foods and they love it. Never a kibble left! Only issue is my cat keeps begging for more food all the time!


Cat throwing up

My British short hair kept vomiting out the dry food whole quite frequently but otherwise healthy. Tried reducing the portions but still vomitted although less frequently . Stopped the dry food and continued with the wet food and she has stopped vomiting

02/19/19 | Stephen Mead


My cats had been unfortunate enough to pick up giardia from infected water and their treatment left them all with sensitive stomach's Royal Canin is one of the few foods they can tolerate. Its excellent and stopped them having the runs within days of starting on it. I use it all the time now and would well recommend it. Even my vet told me it was good for them.


Good for sensitive tummies

I have tried a few different varieties of dried cat food without grains for cats prone to tummy upsets , I find this the best for both my cats . Be good if ther was more than one flavour as get bored sometimes



Beyond excellent same with price and delivery

03/16/18 | Aimee

First dry food he's eaten

As the title suggests this is the first bag of dry food he's actually finished. A number of other brands he sniffs and walks away but not this. He has a sensitive stomach too and this doesn't aggravate it at all

03/12/18 | Ilona

Happy cat

My cat loves Royal Canin Sensible Cat food. He has sensitive stomach and I started to feed him with this food three years ago after his vet recommended it. Very happy that I found Zooplus as offer and price were really great .