12/18/21 | Nicola

Not the same size!!

My cats didn’t mind this, but the size in this flavour is a lot larger, I had the wild boar and chicken before and they were half the size and softer! I have a small BSH and she struggles to eat biscuits that’s are hard and big. It would be great if you could see an image before ordering
12/05/20 | Eva

2 Ragdolls and 1 Exotic Love this Variety

My 3 indoors furry babies have been eating Purizon for a few years now. This is their favourite variety so far but I always buy different flavours and change as the bag is empty for them not to get bored. Good solid souvenirs, no skin issues, lovely soft coats. 2 of them enjoy some wet food too, so they have Feringa in the evening. Now with stupid Brexit around I do worry about getting them good quality food... and even human food for us :(

4 cats and a no from all of them !

I had high hopes of this food after reading the reviews so purchased a large bag. I have 4 cat's so thought if one didn't like it then another would. I opened the bag thinking they would all come running (as you can smell it from quite a distance) and it was a no thanks from all of them !! Very disappointing as it's not cheap !!
03/10/20 | Fiona Moys

My cats love this

I’ve got 8 cats all of them love this food. Coats are in great condition and they’re full of beans. It did upset one of my cats stomachs but I think that’s just because I switched it over a bit too quick.

Aboslutely fabulous

My two cats absolutely adore this high quality product, have tried several other similar brands but the boys just wont touch them Nothing comes close to the grain free product!
12/13/19 | Mackenzie

My cat is obsessed

I seem to have the world's pickiest cat and finding food she likes that fits with my values (grain free, as close to a cat's natural diet as possible, etc.) can be a challenge - especially for it to be affordable. Purizon ticks all the boxes and my cat goes mad for this flavour and the Deer and Fish. I recently was in a pinch and bought another brand and she stopped eating her biscuits all together - as soon as I opened the new bag of Purizon, she ignored her wet food and went straight in!
11/19/19 | Robin

A firm favourite

The cat sits on my shoulder pointing with her paw, that one! the wild boar! order that pleeesssee, I'll eat it all, I promise! She likes all the flavours, but the wild boar really hits the spot with her. She gets excited when this flavour is being served. One downside, it whiffs a bit, but it gets eaten up.
05/25/19 | Jo


My cat Max can be a bit awkward with his likes and dislikes but he absolutely adores these. He is 10 months old and he chomps away until he has cleaned the bowl. They are very strong flavoured and give off a bit of a whiff but I don't mind.🐱❤
03/14/19 | Robin

Oh we like this, well one of us does

We really like this flavour, well one of us anyway, the important one at the sharp eating end of the equation. My cat has a dodgy tummy, grain causes her to regurgitate, so finding a product that meets her nutritional needs took some experimentation, Purizon is that product! We tried the Wild Boat, she loves it, adores it, it's very popular with her. But it does whiff a bit compared to the other varieties. This is good food for her. Her tummy is settled, her health greatly improved.


Cats go nuts for this high quality grain free food. They will not eat anything else now that they have eaten the Wild Boar & Chicken variety .
10/14/18 | Lucy B.

Larger Kibble than Usual

I feed several varieties of the Purizon dry cat food. Unfortunately, when the latest bag of Wild Boar arrived, the kibble was twice the size that it usually is. At the moment, my cats are stuck with Lamb & Fish and the Chicken & Fish. They can't get their teeth around the Wild Boar.
03/11/18 | Kev Harper

The Main Coons love it!

Having tried a small trial selection of this brand, the cats decided, by manner of going juts whenever I opened the bag, that this food was the bees knees. 1 large bag later and no change. Highly palatable food and their coats are beautifully conditioned. A little pricey, but definitely worth it.
02/19/18 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Purizon Wild Boar dry food

All of my 28 cats love all the varieties of Purizon. When I saw that a new variety was available - Wild Boar, thought I'd get it especially for my blood thirsty hunter, well I've never seen a cat gobble down his food so fast, he really enjoyed it.

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