05/13/22 | Nichola


I bought everything renal I could find for my girl. She stuck her nose up.st over £200 of wet food but these, these she LOVED. I tried a different brand once when these were out of stock. Let's just say...they knew...
06/27/19 | Wendy

Great good

My cats love it but in 4 yesrs it had gone up by £10. Massive increase on cat food. Shame as I use to buy two 10kg bags at a time for my 7 cats
04/14/18 | Jill Reynolds

15 cats can't be wrong!

I feed this to my 2 cats and 13 farm cats that I care for. They all love it and leave any other cat biscuits Ive tried. I've stopped wasting money on other varieties. The BIG bags are better value too.
12/01/17 | Suzanne Davis

Purina Adult optirenal

Started mine on these after Cats Protection provided it for the foster cats I used to home, they love it. Ran out the other week and used a supermarket brand they used to have and they all (8) refused to eat it at all. Saw the benefits of it with the foster cats/kittens and how well the condition came back into them after poor diet and illness, I highly recommend it during working at a vets, (even when they sell rival products )

Purina proplan cat food

Thank you for an efficient speedy service
02/05/17 | Cathie Booth

My cats just love this!

I first tried this for my cats when I was sent a free sample. Jack, my male cat, went berserk for it - just as though it had catnip in it! That was about 2years ago and even though I have tried many other varieties he always goes to the Pro Plan. Both cats are really fussy so this must be good for them to enjoy it so much. All I can say is please don't change the recipe - Jack will be devastated!! 😭

Very good

This is the only dry food my cats will eat.I have tried every thing ,but they won't touch anything else. I have been using this for years,with wet food they have to have both. Some of my cats are show cats ,so must be in top condition,This year we lost a cat of 23 years so I must be doing something right

Made cat ill.

After switching to this food my cat became very ill, not only did he need to be treated for constipation, he became withdrawn and began having asthma attacks. He was also very obsessive about the food, would gorge whatever was put out and would hang around where the bag was stored. He has had a variety of foods, before and since, and some have caused stomach troubles but not seen any affect him in this way before. It's possible there is an ingredient he was allergic to, but I feel there must be something addictive in there for him to keep going back as he did.
04/26/13 | Denise B

Nothing else will do!

I have two fussy eaters who turn their noses up at any other food since I tried them on this brand. We have just moved from the junior version so was worried they wouldn't like the change, but they go just as crazy for this. In fact my Maine Coon rarely will eat wet food or even fresh chicken, preferring what to.me must be a boring diet of biscuits.
04/25/13 | Roxy

Great quality

It is pricey but I believe it's worth it. You can tell that it is good quality food and it is good small sized pieces. My cat has lovely fur and is completely healthy and I put it down to her having this brand (starting with the kitten stuff) from when she was a kitten. The sacks have a handy seal to keep it fresh and my kitty just loves the stuff. She always noticed when I tried to switch to the cheap stuff although she does like a mix of purina products.
01/31/12 | steven moore

hot stuff

excellent food, glad we found this, cats coats shining and the little darlings love it with 7 ragdolls who are ultra fussy plus other cats and kittens this is great, good value as the cats don't eat so much and it's all goodness, well done purina.
01/08/12 | steven moore

good food

very very good food, been using a different brand up to now but my ragdolls have sensitive tummy issues this has hit the spot and i'll be sticking with this from now on, would highly recommend, not the cheapest but you get what you pay for and the two 15kg economy bags are excellent value.
09/10/10 | Rosheen

Fantastic value without compromising quality

With 8 cats in the house ages ranging from 3 to 14 years finding a food they all like which comes with the blessing of our vets has been a nightmare! Purina have solved this problem for us for the last year, none of them tiring of the food, all of them waiting (noisily) next to their bowls come food time. Getting the option to buy in bulk 15kg packs also means our budget can happily afford those pussy-cat treats they also enjoy from time to time. All in, I couldn't recommend the food strongly enough..

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