07/02/21 | Angi

Purina urinary care chicken - fantastic

My cats weened themselves onto dry food only and after a fussy period of trying to find a dry food they liked my 2 year old cat got cystitis :( I found this cat food after vet advice and they both love it, the younger cat won’t even go near wet food anymore. We have had no more occurrences of cystitis either . They both appear to be happy, healthy and nourished . They have a gravity feeder ( which is brilliant ) and they just help themselves when they are hungry until satisfied :)
05/11/21 | Lilli Thorn

My boy loves it

I tried a sample bag when my boy Smudge was having trouble with recurring UTI's and this was the answer to our problems. A good product, reasonably priced and Smudge loves it. But the best result of all, since he's been fed Purinary Urinary Care we haven't had a single recurrence of his bladder problem. I'm a big fan of anything that keeps Smudge healthy and will just keep on re-ordering.
08/05/20 | Lilli Thorn

I cried when my boy devoured it

Smudge has been ill for the second time with a UTI and had more or less stopped eating. He became wary of food because of the meds I had to try to hide in it. I ordered a small bag of Purina Urinary Care to give it a try. It arrived this morning and I put a small amount into his bowl. He tucked into it like the hungry boy he was and I admit, I cried. I was just so happy to see him enjoying food again. If it sits well with his digestion then I will be ordering a bigger bag. Great result :)

Cats tuck in - then VOMIT it straight back up

My cats vomit this up; I was cleaning the floors & carpet more often when they eat this! One cat is a bit more sensitive than the other one, but both cats were bringing this up. I'm surprised they didn't fade away, poor things. It's got a lot of wheat products in it, but I don't think it's that because past experience of trying wheat free foods didn't reduce the vomiting. I think it's a good product, just not for cats that are sensitive, or intolerant to certain things.
06/09/20 | Emma H


After my cat required a operation on his bladder my vet said he would need to be on a urinary care diet only. My cat absolutely loves these biscuits!
08/30/19 | Betty

Not sure about the quality

None of my three cats will eat it.Two of them are usually happy to eat most of the day if you would give them food but suprisingly they will not touch this One.I tried 6 times and bowls were left untouched and they still walk around meowing me for some food :(I started to leave it outside for homeless/neighbour's cats to eat it

Very impressed

Great food especially for price, normally I'd like a higher meat content however this dry food agrees perfectly with my boy, who suffers from flutd. We've had no issues since starting this food. A good alternative to science hills
02/05/17 | Kayleigh Barber

Probably the best cat food!

My four cats were on Hills Science Plan food for a long time, not only was this draining my bank account! But the cats were getting bored of it, especially my super fussy cat! I asked my vet which is the best food to feed them after Hills? And she recommended Purina. Not only is the product a bundle cheaper, but my cats absolutely love it! Their coats are shiney, fur balls have dramatically reduced and they all look forward to food time! I couldn't recommend this brand enough!!


My cat used to be prone to water infections has not had one since. Also all our 3 cats love the taste. Brilliant.
05/03/15 | carol

excellent product

My cat had crystals in his urine (twice) and the vet put him on some very expensive special diet, after 6 month of this I looked it up online and found that it shouldn't be fed for more than 3 months, I changed to this for a long time solution and 2 years later have no reoccurrence since, happy cat, happy purse and happy owner
09/16/14 | Debra


My 2 year old Ragdoll cat was sadly diagnosed with CKD in June of this year and the Vet had put her onto a Urniary Diet for a while she eat it, but suddenly she stopped eating it, after a few days in the vets, she came home and refused to eat her prescribed diet, at my wits end I read about this food,so bought a packet to try, as soon as I opened the packet my cat began to eat it, so much so she eat everything in her bowel. We tried her again, and I have to say so far she really appears to like this food, as she keeps returning to eat it, so happy to see her eating again, Happy Cat again, Thank you.
09/07/14 | Sue Frogwoman

Sorted problem in under a month

My 3 year old girl had urinary infections and a lot if crystals in her pee. On Vets advice we changed her from standard, other good brand, dry food to purina urinary. She liked it ( and so did her Brother!). Vet check a month later and she has no sign of any crystals at all. Sorted, thanks Purina people. Happy cats happy people.
06/08/14 | Alison Lamb

It works !

My cat Eva, had bllod in her wee, so I took her to the vets, who said it was an infection like cystitis, so I decided to look for some food that would help. I found purina one urinary care, on the Zoo plus website (Where I buy most of my cat food, toys and two trees) and she loved it and has not been ill since
02/23/14 | keke

A must for urinary care/in general

My bengal had x2 water infections one where she was passing frank blood, since starting this diet not only does the love the taste, she has not had a single water infection since!! Our other 2 cats also love this food! You must try it!
05/27/13 | Ingrid

happy fussy eater

I bought this with some scepticism I must admit, but having a rather portly lady prone in UTI's I thought anything has to be worth a go to avoid stress of the vet and pills I can't get down. She is MEGA fussy but loves this food, am combining it with the light version to try and redefine a waist and have to say so far so good, have just bought second batch on special offer. This food seems to stay by cats well so not perpetually hungry unlike the "common" food so works out not as expensive as you might think. Will keep it up and keep fingers crossed
04/28/13 | keke

Great food

I would highly recommend this food, my cat has had several urinary tract infections and since starting this tasty food hasn't had any. Coming from a fussy Bengal i am impressed. Its good valve compared to its competitors and just as effective.

Purina One Urinary Care has made Furry Feet Friendly!

We took on a feral cat who was clearly extremely frightened and also nasty – hissing and spitting if you so much as looked at her! She was also having trouble weeing so with much cunning (!) we trapped her and took her to the vet who despite risking his own life and limb was marvellous and diagnosed a urinary tract infection, administered antibiotic and pain relief and advised us to put her on special biscuits. I bought the Purina One Urinary Care biscuits and she LOVES them! She would much rather eat those than any other cat biscuit and we have had no reoccurrence of her initial problem and even better – she is now a Happy Cat! Though we can’t stroke her she plays up and down the stairs with her toys and has stopped hissing and spitting – RESULT! Zoo Plus offer excellent value for money, not just on Purina One but on so many things. They are great to buy from and extremely efficient in despatching orders in super fast time!
07/18/12 | Julie

Purina one Urinary care

I bought these on finding my senior cat was diagnosed with early urinary problems, After trying other makes which she refused to eat she absolutaly loves these, so from one fussy cat to a happy cat I Hope her medical condition improves. still early days but good news so far as she is acually eating them. My younger cat also loves these so should do her good too. All in all the Purina One range appear to be well liked in my 2 cat household. :-)
01/30/12 | Lucie

Really effective!!

I was somewhat sceptical to start with as I wasn't sure Purina One was a 'decent' enough brand anyway... (ouch!) but to my surprise and delight, I find it works much better at keeping my female kitty's ph level acidic and cystitis-free, than the 'sanabelle urinary' kibbles--her urine was still dark and concentrated with the sanabelle urinary; not quite looking like it should at all, which is why I felt prompted to try something else. Just as important, my furry absolutely loves this food. I do not have to worry about any cystitis flare-up anymore and it's such a massive relief! I still give her wet food along the purina one urinary though as this is what little madam is used to.

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