02/25/22 | Karen Robertson

Night and Day

100% improvement in condition of all my three cats .. my Persian who always had skin problems I realise now were due to food allergy as since she’s been on Purina One Sensitive her skin is clear she has gained weight and has a beautiful coat!!! I was feeding them on James Well Beloved before.
05/11/21 | Emma

My cats skin has 100% improved

My tabby cat has very sensitive skin, when we adopted him he had a very dull coat, always scratching, even though he was fully flead and wormed, he was having constant issues with itchy, dry skin. Vet insisted we change his diet. Every food we tried trial and error nothing helped him, until we put him on this food. He loves it (as he is fussy) but most of all, his skin this year has had no issues, his coat is shiny and Healthy! He's such a happy cat, be lost without this food!

Caused diarrhoea in my cats

I was hoping it will help my cats but diarrhoea was even worse and smelly! I have 3 British shorthair cats and now I know Felix and this purina sensitive was causing their diarrhoea. Never again.
06/21/20 | Catherine

Brilliant for sensitive tummies

Recently adopted a young kitten and she really struggled with a dodgy tummy, these biscuits are spot on and after 2 weeks use there was a noticeable difference and a much happier cat. Also found these biscuits has a postive affect on her fur, silky smooth
11/19/19 | Alyaa

Very good food and speedy delivery

I am very pleased with this food as it is really helping my cats and really change their stool
04/19/19 | Janet Thomas

No more diarrhoea

After adopting a kitten from a rescue centre that had suffered with giardia I started her on Purina Sensitive and she loves it and everyone comments on her glossy coat, and no more trial and errors trying to find dry food that she can tolerate. But because she loves it that much and was gaining a little too much weight I do have to be strict with measuring now. 😸
01/11/19 | Burcu Coban

Best ever

Best food for sensitive cat stomach
01/25/18 | Anne Cooper

Excellent food for sensitive stomach

My boy is 10 years old and has a sensitive stomach since he ingested diesel from the local farmyard when he was a year old. Had days in the vetinary hospital, charcoal flushes Etc, most distressing. He had Hills Science for years, then Iams, but he got fed up with them. I give him Turkey and rice Bifensis and he loves it. Gets very upset if I run out of it, stands and stares at me, guilt trip for mum. Less smelly stools, they were awful before, coat fantastic, suits him very well.
01/18/18 | Kristina


I've been buying this food for my cats for years now. One of my cats Snowy has a sensitive tummy and ever since I started giving him this food, he's had no problems at all. Having 10 cats it's difficult to feed him separately so all my cats are on purina one sensitive and they all love it!

Good food but cats stools are very smelly

My cats been on Hills Prescription i/d for over a year as he has a very sensitive stomach. Its working out to be very expensive so I decided to try this. He enjoys these biscuits and his stools are solid, but it does make him fart a lot and his stools are pretty smelly so be warned!

Brilliant !

My 4 year old Bengal boy has been diagnosed with Colitis. After months of constant diarrhoea with blood I was desperate. My vet said we have to completely change his diet. He is a very fussy eater and would not eat any of the sensitive dry food kibbles and any other food you would give would make his condition worsen immediately..until I gave him Purina Sensitive dry. He has been religiously eating it for more than a month now and his condition improved big time. Thank you Purina!! You saved us.
06/05/17 | Lisa

Healthy coat

Tried this out for a sensitive belly, and worked wonders. Cat had, I thought a healthy looking coat, but couldn't believe the difference a couple of weeks on these biscuits made to it - so much more shiny and soft, cat much more energy and bright eyed too

Really pleased...

I swapped my cats to this food plus the wet food version over a month ago as my 2 yr old cat was being sick every morning, despite being prescribed various foods and medications. He's been sick all of twice since swapping to this food, which is a huge improvement. Both my cats' overall conditions have improved too - their coats are so soft! Very happy with this purchase
04/10/17 | Damien Damo Shinoda

Top quality

My cats are fussy eaters and this Is a god save.
02/08/17 | Katie

Great food

We have tried so many dried cat foods and they've been rejected one by one by one cat after another over the years. But this one is a winner, at last a dried food our cats will eat! We even have problems now with the neighbourhood cats trying to sneak into the house to pinch it!

best cat food ever

My cat as always been a bit of a lazy moggy I've bought her toys galore over the years and she never seems that interested in playing. Then I tried her on Purina Indoor Cat food. Well lets just say my cat as turned into a kitten. She looks great her fur is like silk to touch. Why can't you produce something similar for humans!! Thank you and I will definitely recommend this product
12/29/16 | Mark Brennan

Best all-round food for cats I have known

I first tried this for a cat with gut problems, who refused to eat hypo-allergenic food It worked for her and I found that all the other cats loved it too. Unlike the other versions of Purina One, the sensitive version doesn't contain wheat, so seems to be suitable for most cats. I know there are other foods on the market with a higher meat content, but they never seem to go down as well. I have yet to find a cat that doesn't like it and I seem to feed half the cats in the neighbourhood!
03/26/16 | Nicky

maine coon with sensitive tummy

Owner of 4 maine coons, varied ages but one I have struggled with finding a good balance of diet and keeping him well,,to many to name that I have tried, it become purina ones turn and OMG!! the difference his coat has lustre and is like silk his tummy is completely settled hes happier and keeping a good weight and the others love it also and zoo plus reply straight away delivery is fast and I have never had damaged goods excellent service and the cost is excellent . Thankyou
11/27/15 | Gaynor Rush

No More Upset Tummies

I own 5 cats of different ages and all of them do very well on this food, our old ladies love the sensitive wet food whist youngsters love the dry. My extremely sensitive Rag Doll refuses anything else and this food delivers what it says, easy on the digestive system but without high price of the veterinary brands that just never got eaten. Thanks to Zooplus I'm able to feed my pets good quality food at an affordable price ,they all say "Thank You Purina and thank you Zooplus" !
05/04/15 | Melanie Picknell

happy cat

My big boy cat Buster suffers from allergies and this is perfect for him and his sister. Its the only dry food he can eat without side effects. They can't wait for me to top up the bowls. Always good quality, smells fresh never an uneaten biscuit in the bowl. just as affective in a treat ball too.

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