04/26/21 | Emma

Kittens really like this

Small little crunchy biccies for kittens, kittens like this and it's a good price
03/06/21 | Jen Coote

My cats favourite food

One cat will pretty much eat anything and the other will only eat this food. After speaking with the vet I am also happy that this is a decent food for my Bengals to be eating. Always have empty bowls at the end of meal time so I’m assuming no complaints from them either!

Purina ONE Junior

It's food with an intense aroma and appropriate size and, what’s most important, my cat delights in it. I recommend!

Purina ONE Junior

Ten-month-old Szarusek and one-year-old Misia wolf it down :) Good ingredients and fine pieces.
05/02/20 | Inese


Very good,,,!,,,
01/16/16 | Lyndsey

Good all rounder

I have a Bengal kitten who is now coming up to 6 months old and he has been fed purina one from weaning so it made sense for me to keep him on the same food. He has a fabulously soft healthy coat and bright eyes and is full of life. The food works out excellent value from zooplus when bought in 4,s. My kitten won't eat wet food as he prefers this! Happy kitty = happy human :)
11/08/15 | Milena

My adult cats love it as well

Not the best and healthiest of ingredients, but how my cats love it! If you cannot afford the best, this should be your second choice.
02/06/14 | Anne

My juniors love it!!

I have been feeding this food to my young cats since I got them when they were 10 weeks old, I feed it alongside another 'veterinary' kitten food - but they much prefer this one and will eagerly chomp their way through a dish full and given the choice will always eat this first, I am now gradually phasing out the other food. They will not eat any wet food that I have tried to tempt them with (and I have tried lots!), so I guess they know what they like - they are now 8 months old look really well and happy on it, full of life and always looking for mischief!! Also I have never had any problems with them having any tummy upsets. It gets a big thumbs up from me :)
08/25/13 | Ali

Tasty !!!

My 3 cats love this. - I have 2 ragdolls and a moggie - they won't at all eat any other cat food whatsoever - I have tried every single brand available but .... Purina wins hands down -

The most expensive is not always best!!!

I've shared my life with Burmese cats for 35 years or so and also now show and breed renowned and much-sought-after big, healthy kittens. Having carefully studied the ingredients, I experimented with the dry Purina One diets almost as soon as they came to the market. My Vet's a huge fan of the brand too - even though I previously bought from his surgery a really expensive "veterinary diet". Burmese can have a tendency to excess cholesterol so a diet with no more than 15% fat is ideal for this breed. Without exception, my kittens much prefer "Purina One Junior" and adult cats "Purina One Sensitive" to anything else. However, the Junior variety does have to be put in a bag, bashed with a rolling pin and mixed with wet food for initial weaning as the biscuits are rather hard. At around 6-8 weeks kittens can cope with it whole. There's always a tendency to experiment with good quality products new to the market - and I frequently do - but allow my cats to dictate their preferences (as if I had any option, lol) and Purina has always won to date. I'm extremely proud to say, purely by co-incidence, two of my gorgeous boys from a litter last year are now among the "Faces of Corporate Purina" and appear at company presentations - they truly are Purina cats :))) I would urge you to think again if you mistakely believe the most expensive dry diets are the best! PS. I'm not on the company's payroll, unfortunately!
10/19/12 | R Birch

She loves it

My cat loves this dry food. She'll eat this rather than her wet food- I have to mix this with her wet food so she will eat it.
09/06/12 | Janis

My Devon Rexes LOVE This!

My fussy queen was offered this to provide her with variety - she loves it. The kibble is small, round and she is eating it happily. This food represents excellent value in comparison to supermarket prices - thanks Zooplus!

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