01/25/22 | Roger

How to feed

My cat is 4.5 K, if I want to reduce her to 4k the chart indicates I should feed her 45g but is this for the day?, if so she will be on my case all day! The chart doesn't seem to make sense


Vats love it

Our 2 cats have been on thus food for years now and they both love it.

08/05/21 | Sharne McNeill

Made my cat ill

Changed my Persian to this food after recommendation from the vet. Initially, he seemed ok- no issues and he really enjoyed it. After 3 weeks of being on this food, he began regularly vomiting (very unusual for him, has never vomited previously) and had severe diarrhoea. He began to avoid all food and drink which ended up with many trips to the vet. Stopped the food and he was instantly back to himself. He lost 600g in 2 weeks, however this was due to sickness and not a healthy amount to lose

06/05/21 | Stephanie Ezra

Bag not yet open but cat already trying to eat its contents!

Bag arrived this morning, well packaged, i pulled it out of the box and set it on the ground (8kg bag), cat initially inspected the empty box. He then turned his attention to the bag and after a few sniffs started tryng to bite his way in!! He's never ever done that with food bags before. I start his diet tomorrow, will update. Other Cat doesn't yet know she also will be starting her diet tomorrow...

08/21/20 | Amy platts


My astmatic cat weighed 6.2kg in november and she has been on this ever since combined with the pouches she is now 4.7kg as of 2 weeks ago im so happy with the results and she loves it 😁

12/02/19 | Shirley Jones

Great and she loves it!

My cat is overweight but I' ve struggled to find a diet dry food that she will eat. Not only does she like this but her skin has stopped flaking too. I am going to re-order.


This works!

It has taken a long time and a lot of perseverance but Darla pussycat has lost 2 kilos and is almost back in the normal healthy range! It took a long time to start to see results, but it has definitely worked and luckily she still enjoys the flavour!

11/22/18 | Amy

2kgs lost!

Our rescue cat has lost over 2kgs with the help of the dry and wet versions of this food. Vet recommended it and we followed the food guides which incorporated mixing wet and dry options. Would buy again!


Working already!

One of our three cats was greatly overweight and the vet was horrified. I thought it would be difficult to treat one differently but it has been surprisingly easy. I weigh her day's allowance into a container, she has some for breakfast and she can have more when the other two ask for their food and at bedtime. We pick up anything they don't eat so she can't eat the leftovers. All three absolutely love the diet food. After just four weeks we can see a little difference and she is a happier cat.

08/24/18 | Bob Wheeler

Cat food

Sorry folks but our Izzy will not eat this for some reason. But please don't let this put you off. Best to try one packet before buying a whole box.

09/27/17 | Mara

Absolutely works!

Got prescribed by a vet to put both of cats on this food. Definitely works. Healthy coat too. Make sure to follow feeding guidelines and feed amount of what weight the cat needs to be not the weight the cat already is.

06/05/17 | J McAdams


My cats have been on this prescription diet for a couple of years now and it works, however the last bag (8kg) I purchased from Zooplus was mainly crushed to powder with very little solid biscuits in the bag. Unfortunately this has completely put my cats off eating it and I will be reluctant to purchase from here again.


Takes a while but it works!

Cat has been on this for a year now. Initially didn't see much change and wanted to give up but persevered. Now a year later cat has gone from 6.2 to 5.6 kilos which in cat terms is a good amount of weight to lose. She also loves the food and hasn't got bored with it. Very happy and going to continue though it will possibly take another year on the 'diet' for her to reach a 'normal' cat weight. She is already more agile and is jumping with more ease which is good to see.

06/11/16 | Mrs Price

Finally a weight loss food that is working

I have tried many different 'weight loss' foods for my fat cat. He is a friendly fellow and will go elsewhere for food if I feed him small portions but he really loves his Metabolic Biscuits and is losing weight at last. It is a slow loss but I am hopeful that it will continue now.


It's tasty and it works!

My "fatty" loves this food and it seems to really fill him up, as he is eating weighed portions.

02/23/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Still no weight loss

I have been feeding my 7,3-7,8kg cat Hill's in 2 varieties for half a year now. It doesn't look as tho we will reach the 7kg target. She really is an indoor diva so I guess it's no surprise really. At least she likes the food, an area where we normally have trouble...I'm not particularly keen on the high grain content, but am currently compromising in hope of seeing some weight loss.

01/13/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Very good for weight loss

I have already successfully got my overweight cat to lose weight using this food two years ago. Very agreeable, even for a cat used to the 'normal' Hill's. It took her half a year to reach her ideal weight. Now it's the turn of our 8kg cat to get the same treatment, who is very big but also very heavy. I can only vouch for this food.

12/13/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Super Food

My cat loves eating the stuff and has already lost weight!

10/29/15 | Hannah

Fantastic product

My cat enjoys tucking into this food, and I am astonished by her weight loss already in just 4 weeks of being on this food. She is finally on the right track to a healthy future. Even her arthritis has improved. Highly recommend... This food was her last resort, and I think it's safe to say it's her life line :)

08/20/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Super Food

Really good cat food, it helped my cat lose weight and return to a normal weight. He seems to really enjoy eating it too.