09/22/20 | Frances Billington

Really helped my older cat's mobility

I was advised by a friend to try these joint biscuits for my old cat. They made a real difference to his mobility in the last few years of his life and he turned into a happy lap cat. Previously he never sat on us and used to bite us when we stroked him. Sadly he died in August 2020 and although I had just ordered his next 3 months supply only 2 weeks earlier, ZooPlus were fantastic and arranged to collect the unopened bag for me free of charge and refunded me the full amount. Thank you.

02/17/18 | Fiona

Amazing difference

My cat had problems with one of her hind legs and would hold it up and limp intermittently. Since using this food she has been fine.

10/06/17 | alison

cat can now jump, buy it now !!

always a bit sceptical about cat foods with supplements but OMG my ginger 12 year old cat could barely make it up the stairs and no longer jump on the sofa and bed , he was on cod liver oil but after a few weeks started up chucking so had to stop. now on this wonder food! he runs up stairs and can jump on our very high bed , he is still tender if we pick him up so we try not to , i buy the 5 kg bags and were on our third now well work the extra £

04/17/17 | Tippi Gordon

Joint issues with British Blue

I have just ordered a bag of this food for our two year old Brit as the veterinarian diagnosed problems with his joints and had to operate one knee with another operation pending for the other back knee joint. I am putting Louie on this food straight away because it was a fantastic help to our ginger Tom who passed away at 16 years old but had joint problems and arthritis. Hills J/D gave him a new life and mobility so I am so hoping it will help Louie. I will update outcome in a few months.