Cats hate it

My cats are never picky with their food, they will eat anything! But when i tried switching them to this dry food after being recommended by a vet they preferred to starve than eat it! Had to switch back to their old brand as i really felt sorry for them
11/04/20 | Carmen Petzer

Beautiful coat!

Cat loves the taste and his coat is thick and shiny.
10/24/20 | Nelly


I was recommended this food But my cats are not thrilled and not liking it much. Price hits the roof-gar too expensive,so I switched to other brands
02/24/16 | nta16

Could be better

Certainly our cat would easily eat this food and seemed OK on it but when I moved on to Hill’s Ideal Balance No Grain within days our cat’s coat looked and felt better plus he put on good quality weight. This food also now disappoints me on its ingredients and relative high price. Not necessarily a bad food but not great overall.
03/29/14 | Emily

Excellent Quality & Healthy Puss >^••^<

My kitten has been on SP since 12 weeks old. She's always been massively fussy and seemed to settle on the kitten variety without hesitation of clearing her bowl at every meal. She's now spayed and was getting a little pudgy on her tum so the vet recommended the sterilised version. I was a little hesitant because she loves whiffy foods (fishy especially) but she has settled on the chicken variety without a single hissy fit. I'm really pleased because despite it being initially expensive, as a small cat she only needs 40g a day so a 1.5kg bag lasts nearly a month. An added bonus is Zooplus is cheaper than everywhere else!
09/14/12 | Renata


My cat loves this food. And his digestive system is brilliant with it. The Poo doesn't smell and it lasts for ages if you follow the package guideline.
09/11/12 | Anna

Top notch!

Both my [indoor]cats eat this food (Science Plan--Sterilised) with gusto, they are playful and energetic too and their 'eliminations' in the litter box are just perfect. My tom was a bit plump but is now getting slimmer, and my female who was prone to cystitis is doing very well on it too--now peeing twice a day rather than just once. So, it seems to do an even better job than urinary dry or wet foods ! Well, these kibbles are especially low in both magnesium and phosphorous, which is undoubtedly helpful in her case. I am delighted and nicely surprised with this product, given that I never was a big fan of the brand before. I guess 'they' must have improved their recipe a great deal ;) I also mix in a little amount of the 'Light' version of same brand to increase their fibre intake since the 'Sterilised' one does not contain much of these, they enjoy it too but definitely have a marked preference for the 'Sterilised' biscuits.

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