07/16/22 | Pauline

Happy cats

My cats both love thee biscuits, as we all know cats can be fussy about their food and urn are no exception. I do fed them wet food as well as have these biscuits available through out the day. Although these are not cheap I have never thrown a single one away. This is the fourth big bag I have bought and they still love them. If they are being picky with their wet food I sprinkle a few of these biscuits into it and that does the trick!
05/01/22 | Diana

Excellent cat food

My poor cat had been eating Royal canin without any problems and then he started getting an upset stomach with a new bag. He then refused to eat the biscuits. I tried another bag from a different batch and he would rather not eat. Thank heavens for Hills Science. Cleared up the runny mess that my cat had started producing on Royal canin. Such a relief that he is okay. Thank you for having such a good product for cats. They can be tricky when unwell.
07/28/21 | Lola

Cats love it. May have sorted tummy issues too.

One of kittens had a terrible time with diarrhea, vomiting, bloody stools, etc. He is now two years old and has been on this food since just before a year old. All better! Is it the food, or growing out of issues, I am not sure. But regardless, the cats love this food! I would have preferred a more natural and quality ingredient list but they love it and no longer having digestive issues means we keep coming back for the big bag :)
06/16/21 | Amy

Tried this product as both my ragdoll have sensitive stomachs, what happened next was the worst experience... Thier bowel movements were just water, their eyes were red and sore and they started pulling out their own hair! They've been to the vets and are now back on another food but are still lathargic and suffering from the after affects!

Brilliant food

My tabby Billy has an annual skin allergy in the spring summer which the vet thinks is grass pollen or similar. He scratches his coat so much he develops two or three bald patches which can become very sore. In the past 2 steroid injections across the summer was the way to control it. I tried this food and the results have been great. The current bald patch is growing back no injection his coat is soft and shiny. He likes the biscuits so I’m very encouraged by the difference it makes.
06/21/20 | Kerry

You get what you pay for ...

I dont often post reviews but I just had to when it came to this food. It is so true that you get what you pay for. The quality of this food is fantastic. The difference in my little kitty who was suffering with some tummy troubles is huge. (Solid, no blood and much less smelly)! I wish I had discovered this food earlier. I will not go back to any other brand now
03/16/20 | Margaret Cockburn

Ragdoll Cats

I have 2 ragdolls, my eldest always been on Hills Science Plan but not this one. The kitten was having very soft poo & vet would not spay her until they solidified. After a week problem was solved. Now both of them are on this & love it, really gives their coat a gorgeous shine

Very happy

Very good for cats with long coat. My cat coat its very softy
06/28/16 | Joseph


Great price fast delivery
03/20/16 | Cheryl storey

Absolutely brilliant

This product has worked miracles for my cats itchy sensitive skin. I was beginning to despair as trips to the vets were not only expensive but nothing seemed to work.she now has a beautiful coat with no problems amazing
02/21/16 | nta16

It helps …but…

This helped with getting more fur back but after 8 weeks on this the cat developed skin blisters, so using this food was far from a total success. The ingredients are a bit disappointing and make this relatively expensive. I give three stars based on the fur getting better and the other reviews but I would now prefer better ingredients and lower price or an alternative food.
11/02/15 | Jo


I purcahsed this for one of my cats who was licking and scratching the one side, she was completely bald in that area, it looked sore and she was constantly licking it. I applied advocate on a regular basis thinking this would solve the prob but its only since Doris has been on this food for three weeks an improvement and even noticed some hair growth. I purchased this after the reviews I read and Im well impressed.
07/28/15 | Maureen Pacey

my very happy cat.

My cat has been eating nothing but hills for sensitive skin for about eight years and it has made such a difference.we do not have to take her to the vet for expensive injections any more her skin and fur are in very good condition., and she is a very happy cat.
02/26/15 | Ann Clifford

Hills Science Plan Adult Cat sensitive Skin

I was sceptical because my cat was so distraught, My Vet recommended this product and we are a happy household. I shall change to using all your products from now on.
06/14/12 | zoe


my cat suffers from skin condition and itching pulling fur out leaving scabs. been to vet tryed ointment, steriods. changed to this food and she has had no skin problems
11/30/11 | Irene

Hill's Sensitive Skin

That was the only kind of food which saved our bengal cat from allergies!!!! The main thing is he loves it! Great product.


We had just got our cat - and she was suffering from dandruff and greasy fur down her back. After a month of eating this - she now has no dandruff and her fur is looking amazing! A great buy!

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