08/01/22 | Amanda Zanchetta

Good Nutrition

I changed from Royal Canin Kitten to this Hills version as my kittens were regurgitating the RC. They are doing really well on this and no regurgitation. PS they had no problem on RC Mother&Baby dry food.
07/15/22 | Helen Parkin

Great food full of nutrients, cats love it!

My Ragdoll kittens love this food and I feel it’s great quality and keeps them fit and healthy with a beautiful coat of fur. Highly recommend and no smelly cat food smell in the house and easy to clear up.
09/11/21 | Lisa TATTON


Our prior two cats ate Science Plan and no other food on our vet's recommendation. One lived to 19 and the other to 21. And so our two new kittens have started it and love it. It is such a healthy food.
01/03/21 | Rachael

Great stuff

I got a free packet of hills science plan from the vets when i vaccinated them but vetinary special and my kittens loved it. i could only order it from the vets for £15 a small bag. I've tried this and im convinced it's the same stuff just a different shaped kibble. My 2 kittens wolf this down. Really love it. Highly recommend. I buy the 7kg bag as its good value for money. Lasts a few months with 2 kittens.
12/04/19 | Alexandra Saldanha

Hills dry food for kittens

I love this! And they love it too
04/02/19 | Zsanett

Healthy & beautiful kitties

I have 4 gorgeous kittens one of them have a sensitive stomach another one is just too picky and that was the best for all of them!! I recommend for everyone!! :)

Kittens both love Hill’s Kitten Chicken

Both of our kittens love the Hill’s Science Plan Kitten Food (Chicken). They prefer this over the wet option and we like knowing this is a complete food for them.
05/13/18 | Julie thomas

Fantastic dry food

The proof is in the pudding Luther n Zeus have been on this straight from breeder they shine so much have no health issues fantastic food they are both now a year old, thanks zooplus for the fantastic price too


My kitten has been on this food since she was weaned, she's now 8 months old and i've never seen a healthier looking kitten. So full of energy, lean, pure muscle and has a beautiful shiny coat. 10/10.

Kittens love it

Our kittens had been on wet food prior to us getting them but we switched them straight onto Hills Science Plan as it is what I have always fed my cats and they both loved it, tucked straight in with no digestive/stomach problems and no fussy eating. I also like that the bag is resealable so no need to store in a container.
11/04/16 | sylvia


My ragdolll kitten first started on Applaws kitten dry food, he was never too keen on them and always had digestive problems. However, when hes on Royal canin or Science plan, he no longer has runny or smell poo from eating these!
06/14/14 | Joanne

Only The Best

My 2 kittens both love this food. They are full of energy and their coats are super soft and shiny. The neighbours always comment how great they look. I feed them this 3 times a day and leave plenty of fresh water for them. I wouldn't buy anything else.
01/21/13 | Anna

Top Quality = Happy Kittys!

When we adoped our two kittens at 9 mths old they had diarrhea and were often begging for scraps from our food. After an initial reluctance to eat Hill's (they over-ate once or twice and puked consequently) they got used to it and will now not have anything else and are never asking for any other food. They also eat less of Hill's compared to low-quality cat food, yet have more energy. Their poo is perfect and non-smelly. They look, feel and act like healthy kittys. If you can afford it, get it - it's actually not that much more expensive in the long run as the cats will eat less of this once they get used to it (and feel better + live longer!). If you feed only the dry stuff - just make sure you have plenty of fresh water available every day.
09/09/12 | Louise

Five Star Food

Was recommended this food by a vet, and we found that she wolfed this in preference to everything, even wet food. A few weeks later we can see a definite improvement in her coat and condition. A perfect start for any little cat.
09/07/12 | Clare

kitten loves it

Got a sample from my vet and my kitten absolutely loved the taste. Now buying this and it works out cheaper than the dry and wet food I was buying before and it's much better for him.
09/07/12 | Janis

My Devon Rexes LOVE This!

Rex cats and kittens love this good quality dry food. Variety prevents them from getting bored with their diet, they never have upset tums and their coats are in excellent condition.


I feed my 4 dogs Hill's and always get comments about how healthy and shiny their coats are so when I got my kittens I decided to feed them Hill's aswell. They both love it, eating mainly the kibble but with occasional Hill's wet food. On a recent check up at 6 months old at the vet it was mentioned how fit and well they both are and what fantastic condition their coats are in - the vet agreed it was because they are fed a good diet.

Doctors choice

Recommended by my kittens vet. Doesn't cause bad breath. My kitten loves it and is super hyperactive.
01/01/09 | Sarah


Our kittens seem very happy eating this, along with applelaws wet food. Their coats are healthy and shiny, and they have lots of energy

received the kitten seal of aproval!

my 3 month old kitten loves it, since switching to this he even prefers it to his wet food kitten pouches (whiskas & felix) so only eats one or less kitten pouch a day now, preferring to fill up on hills dry instead, which my vet approved of.

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