08/15/21 | Margaret Liddle

Yummy Scrummy

I had been trying different websites for a dry cat food just that little bit special for my cats, but did not find anything. Then I decided to try Zooplus, found Concept for Life. Great selection for different purposes. As a few of my cats are a little overweight I chose the Light version. My cats just love it and so I will be buying it again. 10 out of 10. 😻😻😻😻

A real diet food

My cat loves eating and he will only eat this when he has no other choice, which is to say it's proper diet food. He's a bit chubby and he prefers other food with more fat but I sincerely believe that this does what it sets out to do: he cats less (and I think he is gaining less weight, but it's hard to be sure...) and the food has less fat than others.
03/15/21 | originally published in zooplus.it

Good dry food!

I have been using this to put my cat on a diet, it smells pretty strongly but she likes it
12/18/20 | Natalie

Both cats love it

I have one obese cat and one who just needs to maintain his current perfect weight. Purchased a trial pack for the fat one mainly, but both cats prefer this over the Sainsbury's dry I was giving them. This is the first "diet" dry food I have tried and will certainly be buying more! They love it!


Finally my 9 year old cat has lost some weight and within a few months is fitter than ever; good palatability

Great product

Decided to swap from royal canin to concept and don't regret it. All 3 cats love it. it's half the price as well. I purchased both concept light and sensitive
07/27/20 | James

My chunky, will-eat-anything cat didn't take to it

I have a big hefty boy who will eat practically anything, but he's slowly stopped eating this as time has gone on. Currently I am mixing it with his Iams food, which he mostly just picks out and leaves the Concept. Once this bag is over he'll be back on only Iams.


It's been 4 months since I started feeding this to my 2 cats, and they are very happy. Canelle went from 6.2kg to 5.6kg, which is pretty much his ideal weight, and Django who weighed 4.6kg has dropped down to 4kg. I also give them Feringa pouches twice a week, one between the two of them, and they love it. Canelle is 12, Django is 2.
07/07/20 | originally published in zooplus.nl

A feast for the cats

First kibble that all 4 of our cats enjoy and does not lead to them putting on weight

3 happy cats !

Following my cat's weight gain I ordered some diet food. My cat lost weight and has become more active. All 3 of my sterilised cats have adopted this kibble and are doing great.
05/22/20 | originally published in zoohit.cz

Cats on a diet

We are completely satisfied. I chose this to replace some old food that cost about the same and it tasted good from the start. We also have two other cats that do not have dietary kibble (they just take turns :)). Good stools.
04/26/20 | originally published in zooplus.es

So far so good

My cat liked it, and so far I haven't noticed a bad smell, hopefully it stays that way. This brand has always been interesting especially because of the value for money it offers, and it's a great alternative to Royal Canin. If things continue this way I wouldn't mind ordering again to combine it with another food.
04/19/20 | Lynn

Good value, cat's love

Unsure whether to try given mixed reviews but previous brand of light food for one of my cats prone to weight gain no longer available. This cat likes it & looks well & my other cats try to steal it given a chance! The only negative is the size if the biscuits are smaller making it harder for her to get out of her activity feeder.
03/29/20 | originally published in zooplus.it

it works

This is the only kibble that has made my cat lose weight, and she's a great eater ... Compared to the others, she doesn't seem to like them particularly, but she eats them. Her feces are nice but actually smelly.
01/07/20 | Shirley Jones

Not for mine!

Bought three bags and lived to regret it. My chunky puss will eat anything but wouldn't touch this and neither would her daughter. So it was donated to Cats Protection - had a good response from them that one cat likes it so that's why 2 stars rather than 1.
12/02/19 | Shirley Jones

OK but she won't eat it!

I'd been trying another diet food and could kick myself now for switching to this because of an offer on it. My cat who normally eats anything just hates it so I am going back to my original and will probably donate this to my local cats protection and rue a rather expensive mistake on my part. I don't think this is inherently a bad product but even my other cat ignores it so the smell must be wrong for both of them.
09/21/19 | Lou

Cats won't eat it

My oldest cat is a bit overweight with lack of exercise, the vet wanted me to put her on a diet so I purchased this food as it seemed to fit the bill, she has never been a fussy eater but she will not eat this, my younger two just try to bury it constantly but won't touch it either. My oldest one went over a day without eating anything, I figured once she got hungry enough she'd succumb but nope she just stopped eating altogether which isn't good :(

Light concept for life

This wasn’t great, my fat cat just ate double and was constantly hungry. The skinny cat kept vomiting it back up, i think the smaller chunks made her eat faster. So didn’t really work for us.

Does what it says on the tin

Both cats love this - the one who needs to lose weight and the one who just needs to maintain it. Have stuck with measuring out accurately for a few months now and the one who needs to lose weight is finally getting there!

Finally losing weight!

I have one obese cat who we’ve been trying to get the weight off for a few years now. We’d tried a variety of other brands and nothing worked and in fact she gained weight.Tried Concept For Life Light dry and within just under 3 months she’d lost 450g and weighs less than she has in years. She also absolutely loves the food and is clearly satisfied as she doesn’t ask for food between meals. Now she has the wet too. So impressed we’re moving all our cats and kittens to Concept For Life foods.

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