Great when mixed to a tasty cat soup

My cats will only eat this if I mix it with a tasty liquid treat or cat food but that works for me and I’m happy they get additional vitamins.


Kitten loves it

always putting it in some leftovers so he finishes, feels good afterwards and loves the taste


Special treat for them

My babies love it and wait their turn to lick it straight from the tube

10/11/21 | Isabel

Amazing for socializing kittens

I'm fostering a pair of sister kittens who were absolutely terrified when I first took them. One of them is now super cuddly but the other has required a bit more patience. When I bought this paste, it's like I found the key to her heart. I can hold her while she eats it and she purrs so loudly. Now she lets me stroke her without running away. My adult cats were jealous so I had to order some of the adult version too. It's great stuff! Would absolutely recommend.


He loves it!

Great stuff. My 4 month old kitten absolutely loves it and goes mad when he sees the tube!

05/26/19 | Terry watson

Kitty's luv it

Kittens love as soon as they realise your putting some of this out they stand next to the bowl waiting for you to squirt some out.

04/09/19 | J H BARCLAY

Kitten loves it

My Russian Blue kitten LOVES this paste and will gobble it straight from the tube - she even tries to eat the tube! Makes a good, healthy treat.

01/06/17 | DizzeeRascal

Kittens love it

I have two kittens and they both love this stuff. We used it to help us train them to accept being picked up. Whenever it come out of the cupboard they come trotting over and wait in turn to be scooped up and fed.