Good at first

Cat Wolfed first tube so ordered more now he won't touch the stuff shame cause he has colitis and needs the extra vitamins as not the best at absorbing things. His sister also sniffs it and walks away, they won't even lick it off their paws is I smear it on just walk round the house flicking it over the furniture.
04/29/22 | Porsha

Loves it

Porshas on raw feeding and this I give to make sure she gets all her vits. She absolutely loves this paste

Avoid if your cat has kidney trouble

I wasn’t informed to be cautious when giving a cat multivitamin as it can do more harm than good, especially to those that have limited kidney function. Vitamin D and A are both to blame for this, it’ll build up in the body and cause toxicity levels to rise in the cat thus causing kidneys to lose complete function. I found this out the hard way, I’m so sorry Fudgecake.. I never meant to make you worse. May you rest in peace my sweet Prince.
01/20/22 | Olivia


My cat loves this!! She's such a fussy cat but would probably eat the whole tube in one go if I let her!
01/08/22 | Amanda

My cats go crazy for it

Both my cats (one young and one old, the latter being extremely fussy!) love this paste. My elderly cat recently had to start on powdered meds. He turned up his nose at it when it was mixed in with his wet food, but he takes it no problem when it's sprinkled on this paste.
03/05/21 | Aga

Great product!

My Tiga loves it! I give it to her straight from my finger. After few days I must admit I've noticed a huge change in her coat - shiny and less shedding. I'm really impressed with this prodcut and definitely will get more once this tube is finished.


I bought this for my 18.5 year old cat to give her vitamins and she absolutely adores it and just licks it off my finger. I give it to her as a treat after her insulin injection (she is diabetic) and she just purrs. I would definitely recommend. Even if she is feeling under the weather she never refuses this.

2 shorthairs

My 2 BSH absolutely love this paste (and malt-one too)! I feed usually from 2 tubes at the time or they get fighting (tough they are very peaceful and very well behaving cats) who gets to the tube. If im not quick enough to squeeze the tube for more paste they will bite the tube :D . So my cats give 10 stars and thumbs (tails) up. And it is in such a good prize too!
01/28/19 | Kate Davies

Perfect treat

Both my cats love this paste, it’s easy to feed straight from the tube and is packed full of vitamins to keep them in tip top condition.
05/29/17 | Rach

Great brand

Love this and the malt paste. This paste is so simple to use. At first he wasn't very impressed by the taste of another paste, but now he doesn't even notice. Our boy is nearly 20, but his fur shines. This is great if your cat is raw fed or like us eats a mainly fish diet as it has taurine in it.
04/07/16 | Miss Kitgurr

Easy to dispense

Bought the 50g to try it out on my cats. They love it! Easy to dispense, I copied what someone else suggested and feed them from the tube.
03/04/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Maine coon

As the title says, I have a cat of this breed. Within a few seconds, she ate a 6cm long line of this paste. It's very tasty and it means she gets all of her vitamins. Does good, tastes good!
07/21/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

I love this product...

... and so does my cat. Great vitamin paste that even a picky cat loves. I feed this to him often. I think I could probably use this to hide medicine in as well - would probably help him to take it down without a fight.
07/17/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Great snack

This paste is a great snack for my persian - he really likes it. It's great that it comes in a tube, so the cat can lick it straight off, and there's no washing up or mucky fingers to deal with afterwards. I also think it's better than other snacks because there's less packaging.
07/15/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Good value snack

My cat Virginia thinks this paste is great. She comes running as soon as I start waving the tube! The price isn't too bad either, compared to other products like this, which are generally more expensive. Thumbs up!
07/10/14 | originally published in zooplus.de


I've tried lots of different supplements for my cats, so that I can give them a balanced diet. This paste seems to go down well with them, and as someone else has already said, the tube lasts for a while... I'll be stocking up on this one :-)
07/09/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

A lovely treat

My cats don't seem to like dry snacks so I thought I'd buy this because it looked different. As it turns out it was a good choice as the cats can't seem to get enough of the stuff. The 200g tube seems to last a long time too. All the added vitamins and taurine are meant to be very good for them so this makes a great vitamin supplement.
07/01/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Very tasty

I just discovered the Smilla vitamin paste and decided to try it out. My british shorthair goes wild for it and it disappears in a flash!

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