01/01/22 | Angela Girdlestone

Dreamiest mega tub

My cats love this treat. It really works,shake the packet and they come running.

12/26/21 | Bryn Dornan

prices raised far too high - gone from cheapest to most expensive

been buying these from zooplus for YEARS but since last years end all supermarkets in UK are about £4.50 for these tubs so since Zooplus has chosen to raie its prices BEYOND local retailers I'm sorry to say I have been forced to buy with my weekly delivered shopping orders rather than here a zoo+

10/10/21 | Vicky Lin

Too salty

My cat Couchi liked it a lot, but one time I tried to taste it, just found out this is too salty. I don't think this is good for cat's health.


Inadequate packaging

The box it was delivered in, with my cat toy and cat food. Didn't compensate that the dreamies treat box might get split open and scatter the box with the treats. Luckily I had a air tight container spare, to put the treats in.

07/27/20 | Snoop & Dre

Needs better packaging

These are great and all of my cats love, however for the third month in a row, due to the weight of the other boxes in the order the packaging for these has arrived broken with loose biscuits unfortunately all in the package, personally done extra care needs putting in when packing please, will not stop me ordering though

06/26/20 | Milena

All times favourite

All 6 of my cats run to me from around the house at the sound of shaken pack of Dreamies. Even the grumpiest one lights up. Plenty protein, plenty calories - good to supplement feeding especially with older cats struggling from being a tad underweight.

10/19/19 | Shana

Your Cats Will Love You Forever

Never seen my cats get so excited for treats the way they do with dreamies. Would never go back to any other treats, so much variety of flavours and my cats love them all. Great value for money. The tv adverts aren’t lying, cats literally come running at the shake of the bag!

03/16/19 | Pedro Pinto

Worse treats ever - made my cat sick

My cat refuses to eat this treats and when he did he throw up several times in different occasions until I was 100% sure it was from this product and stop giving it to him. Usually eats anything without complaining or adverse reactions...

03/04/19 | Sean


Muffin loves Dreamies with cheese! She can't get enough of these snacks and comes running as soon as I get the tub out. The tub lasts for ages too!

03/04/19 | Anna

Adored by my cat

This pack will last me a few months which is great because my cat just adores Dreamies.

07/26/18 | Niklas

Finally what i needed!

exactly what i need with 4 cats running through my house!


Finally a big pack

Our cat loves Dreamies and finally we can now buy a size that is relevant for our Cat's apetite :)

07/26/18 | Susie

Extra treats and extra value

these are our cats favourite treats.We have 3 cats so having their favorites in a big pack is great for us, the tub reseals and keeps the treats nice and fresh so they're still crunchy and fresh 2 weeks after we open them, they dnt last much longer in our house.

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