my oscar loves this

01/11/22 | Liz Smith

My cat loves them

My Kodi will do anything to get these including opening the cupboard door

11/22/21 | Vanessa


My two cats stalk me for these, they prefer cosma to thrive freeze dried treats, lucky for me as they are cheaper. Would recommend these all day long !!!


My Cat Loves These!

They might be expensive but my cat adores them. When she thinks that she has done something good she goes and sits by them! My vet says that they are much better for my cat than any other treats on the market as they only contain 100% either freeze dried meat or fish.

08/15/18 | Ollie’s Mum

Meowlicious! Says Ollie the Ragdoll

My cat has medical digestive allergies/ sensitivities which make me very cautious feeding him or giving treats. I tried giving him “similar dried food in cardboard white tubes” but he was vomiting painfully and his vet said other cats came in with similar digestive issues after eating that brand. But when this came out I again tried Chicken, and then Duck. He loves them so much especially at this mega size chicken. His look of joy and delightful snacking, hope your cats love it too!


My cat is crazy about it :)

just as in title + white fish is best from all



Both my cats go crazy for these treats. I feed a raw complete balanced diet and my once fussy boy needed encouraging to eat organ, a couple of these crushed over meals and he relishes every meal, their plates are licked clean


So much yummier than Thrive treats

I used to only buy the Thrive freeze dried treats until my cats tried Cosma Snackies. They like Thrive but they love Snackies! They literally gather around me like I'm the Pied Piper and swipe them out of my hands. Great value and excellent quality.

05/28/17 | Vicky Waring

Purrfect for treats and food topping!

My cat adores the chicken ones and loves a couple crushed up over his food and a few whole ones on top. He prefers the XXL ones to the normal size and he doesn't like the Thrive ones.

10/24/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

100% pure meat & fish

Tried these as they are a bit different and my Siamese and moggy absolutely gobbled them up! Great snacks :)