What’s happened?

Cats used to devore these. Clearly changed recipe and the product is smaller, harder and breaks away. Whatever they’ve done to save money will likely cost them as can see so many people will not be buying again. Shame.


Recipe change? Chicken xxl

Our cats loved these xxl chicken cubes. Ivve been buying these for years and they were the hit with all of our 4 cats. Last time I ordered them, they looked smaller, crunched up and harder. Nothing like the ones we knew. My cats now don't line these new ones anymore. I don't dare trying another tub, just to find the same terrible quality. I hope they change back to the original recipe.

02/10/22 | Phillip

Not what they used to be. Disappointed cat.

These were great treats but not anymore. Before they were clearly bits of chicken, now they are hard lumps, like a bag of gravel. My cat just walks away, before she couldn't get enough of them. Should not be selling these, something drastic has changed. They are not cheap, £40 wasted.

02/05/22 | Amanda ODonnell

Change in recipe?

Dunno what happened this time I ordered but they were not the same. Tiny hard pieces instead of larger piece that were softer for her to eat. Not recommended if this is the new recipe.

01/18/21 | Jennifer Taylor

not as described

dreadful full of skin tiny pieces or pieces so hard I put in hot water to soften, inbetween reconstituted with sin and gristle