07/22/21 | June Adams

Poor quality

Definitely too small for adult cats, had bought these for foster kittens. The tails come off very easily and are a hazard as could easily be eaten. One of the tails came off before even being given to the kittens. They have gone in the bin!

07/16/21 | Salik Rafiq

Car loves these

My cat took to these right away. I hide them in various locations and she always finds them and plays with them. Good thing there are a few and she tears them up.

03/29/21 | Nicky Daly

Dangerous choking hazard..

The description of SIZE (5 inches) includes the LENGTH of the string tail -these are actually TINY and a CHOKING hazard for any cat. The "mouse" is less than 1 and a half inches long--the string tail is 3 and a half inches.


Best catnip mouse I've ever bought

My cat an assortment of toys, lots of catnip mice. She loses interest in most of them after 5 minutes but these she carries around in her mouth and plays with constantly. Other cat nip mice and not nearly as good!

05/29/20 | Jodie

Cat enjoys it but smell is very strong

I have got catnip scented toys for my cat before and he always seems to love it! Although these mice are quite small, there is a lot of catnip within it which it is very overpowering and now the whole room smells. It is not the same catnip that we usually have either so it really doesn’t smell that good. Other than that, the cat seems to be enjoying himself.

11/21/19 | Angela

Fun little fuzzy mice

Great value and slightly catnip scented, these little mice are fun to play with. And my cats like them too.

09/22/19 | Adele


Hes never been a super play type, until i bought these. He goes bananas for them! Hes been killing a white one for two weeks every day now and I love watching him. Excellent value and im so happy i got them.

07/15/19 | Rhiannon


These are brilliant! But my kitten manages to get the tail off too easy!

12/29/18 | Veronica Chapman

Fluffy toy mice best Christmas presents

Benji our 10+ Bengal cat loves these mice. There are 3 of each pure white or grey fluffy mice impregnated with catnip. Benji throws them around and chases them, treats them like the real thing. We normally catch the real ones and release them away from our house. Great value.

09/11/18 | Elena

very good

Kitten loves them!

04/22/18 | Sheila Woodward

No catnip smell

My cats usually go mad for catnip toys. However, these mice were totally ignored by the cats, they wouldn’t even look at them. Waste of money.

02/23/18 | M H

Not as in picture - now bad quality

These used to be great when they were like those in the pic. The new ones (with string tail) last at best 3 days before the inner core openes.

01/14/18 | Sheila Woodward

Not enough catnip

My cats usually go mad for catnip and love other toys I have bought. However, both cats completely ignored these toys. I would have expected the toys to be ripped to pieces by now but the cats didn’t even look at them. There is either not enough catnip in the toys or it is old and has lost its potency. A waste of money. Very disappointing. I won’t be buying again.


Favourite toy

I bought a pack for Christmas to give to friends' cats. I saw Izzy playing with hers today, and carrying it around. She has unstuffed it, but still loves it - good value.


Cats are not fussed

As said by other reviewers, the mice are not anywhere near the ones in the picture - which is too bad as I recall these being great. Still, personally I don't mind; it's not for me after all. But unfortunately the cats seem to know the difference. I have a crazy Maine Coon girl who will play with ANYTHING and she still barely touches these. Still, 6 at this price is great, as long as the cats like them.


Not as shown

Mices are different from the pictures. However they are still good for the price.

10/14/17 | M Hall

Not how they used to be

WHAT HAPPENED? The mice in the picture were great. Still have one surviving from the lot that I bought a year ago from those that are in the picture. This lot not only looks completely different than those in the photo but IS different. No more rattle inside, the tail is a piece of thin string and all but 2 mice have broken within 2 days of playing (one within an hour) on the underside and the catnip coated plastic body fell out beyond repair. Terrible quality!!!

09/22/17 | dawid


kats enjoy it



Our cat loves chasing after these during play time. We also hide a couple around the house for him to hunt down, and he occasionally brings one back to us to hide it again!

09/26/16 | Sanna Nilsson

Excellent price, good quality

Mostly my cats tear their mice to shreds, but these ones are still intact and has a pleasant cat nip smell. They absolutely love them.