09/18/21 | Paula D

Arrived broken but still great toy

My ferrets love it, unfortunately it arrived damaged, but I can't fault zooplus as I also ordered a whole bunch of heavy cat food which contributed to the damage.


Sturdy product!

Wow I am amazed by the quality of this product compared to one I bought from a popular online retailer. Thanks zooplus

06/06/21 | Caro

A special kind of Luurv!

My cat loves this toy. And when I say "loves" I mean REALLY loves!! He seems to think it's his wife! LOL All the accompanying yowling apart (it can get wearing), this is the best value toy he's ever had. For him, the joy goes on and on...

04/17/21 | Elena

Mr Sweetface loves it

I have a very active and playful Kitty and I have to find always new ways to tired him. This toy certainly helped

04/15/21 | Maria

A lot of fun!

My kittens love it! It lost the feathers quite quick -no surprising- but it's the second best toy we've had. Feathers aside, quite strong!

01/29/21 | BrownV

Ver good

It is a very good product, great value for money, my kitten plays with it when I pull it out. I cannot say it is his favourite, but when he gets bored with other toys I just keep circulating them. I am pleased with quality too.


Very well made

I have had this toy now for a year and my cat plays with it every day, absolute love it , goes crazy for this toy. Its very well made considering what it goes through, there is even some of the feathers left.

12/11/20 | marya

fabulous excitement

The best toy I've purchased for my 5 month old kittens.


Cat is besotted with it!

In his 8 years my boy cat hasn't ever taken to toys too much, but he will sit and cry a special cry until we play with him with this dangler!!. He'll chase it till he catches it, then sit on it and guard it. It's his favourite toy.. ever! It's absolutely hilarious and mystifying how besotted he is with it. But as long as he's happy. 😄


Excellent toy at a great price

I brought one few mths ago for my cat, she loves it. A stray cat moved in going to Foster home and I've done her a goodie box to take, I brought one for her too as she loves it too. A toy that doesn't break the bank

07/26/20 | Antonia Maria Brighton-Dali

Brilliant toy.

Thought it might be a little long for my kitten but he loves it. Supervised of course. Great fun racing around and wrestling it. Think this will be a firm favourite. Fantastic price too.

07/23/20 | Tristan

Poorly made but...

This product is very poorly made and fell apart before the kitten even had a chance to play with it. I rolled the end of the dangler around the top and secured it with a hair tie which has fixed it and seems to be sufficient to keep together. The kitten loves the toy and had the quality been better it would be a five star review.

06/27/20 | Clara

My cats favourite toy!

She’s loves it, great quality, super good value, and really good size! My cat being a rescue has never been into playing or showing hunting behaviour. At almost 7 years old she’s goes crazy for this toy! She loves to chase, bite, stalk, and even takes her ‘prey’ when it’s dead.

05/21/20 | KatyKastle

Nothing personal

Sadly, my cat was terrified by this toy and swiftly departed in the opposite direction every time I got it out! Other toys she loves, but not this one for some unknown reason. I’ve still given three stars because the toy looks otherwise fine to me.

05/17/20 | Emma Cox


My cat has enjoyed playing with this and it's fun to watch her play.

03/23/20 | Karen

Approved by 2 cats

Initially my 2 cats not sure about this toy but now both chase and leap about after the cat dangler. Very good value too!


Lasted 0.5 second

It took less than a second for the kitten to rip the ribbon out of the plastic pole.


Cat loves it

He ignores most of the toys but goes crazy for this one

11/21/19 | Tarzan

Approved by laziest cat

Tazan straight away knew it is for him so when I start opening he just jumped out of his bed where he was about to sleep and we start playing-believe me he knows quality toys

11/21/19 | Angela

Fab fun

My cats really love this. The "dangler" is extra long and is great for whirling around for your cat to leap around while chasing it.

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