My plastic loving cat loves these

One of my three cats is obsessed with anything plastic. Although these are rubber I guess that’s close enough for her! She loves to chase them and because of the shape she’s able to pick them up in her mouth and will sometimes bring them back to be thrown again or she just carries them around the house. I just wish they weren’t constantly out of stock as I’d love to stock up because they’re quite small so easily lost.

Great for cats and humans to lose weight!

It's great to read all the 5-star reviews as so many comments are similar to my experiences. Summer months I use the balls in the garden and the winter months indoors. Nico has lost weight which is great.
09/22/21 | Lynette Phillips

Gorgeous colours shame about the size

Very bouncy tiny balls. Expected them to be larger and when I rolled one along the floor not much to see, same with all 4. My 5 month old kitten looked at me to say "what happens now?". We were very disappointed. However, they do bounce quite high.

My kittens go nuts for them

Both cats are obsessed with these balls! Super bouncy so they can chase them for hours. They are quite small though, so have been getting stuck all around the house but no issues with them being too small for the cats.
03/06/21 | Jen Coote

Best toy!!

It pains me that out of the hundreds of pounds I have probably spent that these little things are their favourite toys to carry round the house, watch bounce around and fetch! Bengals confuse me lol. Anyway I’ve bought another 4 as I think one or two are under the fridge and the fur babies can’t be without these little things (just don’t stand on them in the middle of the night! They are a little ouchy!)
12/29/20 | dominic pullen

Great Fun

I bought 3 packs of 4 of these balls for my kittens and they love them! The design is well thought through as the bounces are unpredictable and engaging for my 6 month old kittens. They haven't quite got the hang of retrieving yet.. I'd throw one and they'd chase it and then I'd have to run and collect it - hours of fun! And great exercise for me and the cats. However, I recommend buying a few packets as when I leave my cats alone with these balls, I never seem to find them again...
12/22/20 | Helen

Popularn toy with my cats

Great toy and a favourite with my cats. Particularly long lasting too.
12/11/20 | marya

my kittens have zero interest in these!

unfortunately my kittens not interested in these toys. They prefer bits of rolled newspaper for the football matches.
11/13/20 | Teresa

Best toys ever

My two cats love these toys. One likes to chase after it and has even started to fetch it back so we can throw some more, and the other likes to bounce it down the stairs. The design is great because you can’t predict which way they will bounce. Thoroughly recommend!
11/05/20 | Chris

Fantastic fun

My little cat loves these and chases them until he runs out of steam, He fetches them back to me to throw for him but if I don’t oblige he takes one to the top of the stairs and drops it down, thundering down after it. Not so great at 4 in the morning when a 3.5 kilo cat sounds like a baby elephant. I have to use rubber tipped kitchen tongs to retrieve them from all the inaccessible places they hide in. Great fun.
09/29/20 | Emma


My cat loves these, not sure why but he carries them 🤣
05/12/20 | Nicole neal

Cats love

My cats will chase these around all day

Slow burner but he loves them now

To begin with my fur baby wasn’t interested at all, but eventually he decided they are the best thing ever. He loves to bat them about, and picks them up in his mouth and carries them off somewhere else. We frequently wake up to at least one placed outside our bedroom door as a gift. Other times he sits and chews on one but they’ve never fallen apart- just get lost under the sofa!!
11/07/19 | JJon

Cute toys

My 52 kg GSD puppy got really excited when I gave him this tiny little balls. Hasn’t stopped playing since
06/19/19 | Stephen


Feel apart, in bits, all 4, yes the can nibbles them, but so do kids and you wouldn't give them something that fell apart. Found large bits in cat stool. I'm lucky this didn't end up in a surgery situation. Avoid!

So Fun!

My Cat loves these and she even plays fetch with them! Would recommend!
05/08/19 | Charlotte

Excellent fun

I have two cats - one who will play with anything, and one who is non-plussed about games/chasing things etc. These bouncing balls have completely changed that attitude around and we now have (literally) hours of fun flinging these across the living room. They are great because they roll unpredictably and they also bounce off in all directions, so we can mix up. Sometimes we like to play 'piggy in the middle' with her and bounce the ball over her head and she tries to smack it mid-air.
04/25/18 | Heather Wood

Excellent for promoting activity

I’ve 2 cats- one of them has endless fun chasing these. Because they’re unpredictable she goes into hunt mode - great for exercise/enrichment
10/14/17 | Sally

😼😼😼😼 4 unsure cats

None of my 4 cats will touch these they love to watch me bounce them around and will chase them to the point of showing me where it stopped. Great exercise for me not so much for my cats 😹
07/18/17 | Lou wood

Great little balls

Fed up of your cats rolling balls under settee then get these as the won't roll away in hard to reach places. Great value for money

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