Lots of chasing

My cat does not care for the plastic balls in this set (she's a chewer, I guess the plastic is not pleasant on the teeth and gums) but the mice and soft balls get swatted around a lot, with enthusiasm. I regularly fish out balls from underneath furniture and the mice get batted about and carried all around the house, and have their tails pulled (no loose feathers so far in a month). Great value for money and lots of fun for my cat.
06/24/21 | Mac

Good fun

My cat loves every toy in the set.
12/09/20 | enna

Kitten like the green ball,but ...

But the feathers'mouse toy fall off easily .And my kitten ate the feather while I was having breakfast ! !! so dangerous .I didn't have time to stop that.hope he is okay.
09/29/20 | Emma


My cats love these simple mouse and balls

Really good

Both of my cats love these and will chase around the balls for days
07/26/20 | Antonia Maria Brighton-Dali

Brilliant selection, good quality. Kitten loves them.

My new kitten absolutely loves these toys. Great variety, excellent price. Fast delivery. All around a winner. :)
05/15/20 | Karolina

The best selection of toys

My cats absolutely love these. They walk around with the mice in their mouths and run after the balls. Given the price it's probably one of the best things you can get for your cats.
11/01/19 | Linn


I bought this pack of toys for my Maine Coon kitten. She absolutely loves the three little mice that come with it. The quality is decent as well.


A wonderful selection of toys. My Ozzie loves the balls and chases them all over the place. However, the soft mice are the biggest and best hit ever. My tiny little Siamese girl, Loulou goes wild for these. She's played with them all so much that they now resemble odd shaped balls of hairy stuffing with the odd ear or whisker still attached. She growls if Ozzie comes near her when she's playing with them, she even brings them to me as presents. So glad I discovered them & will buy more!!!!

Great toys

for the price you get quite a few different toys. My cats have a great selection to choose from. The price of these toys also means i can buy quite a few packs for local cat charities! The cats love them!
12/20/17 | Samantha

excellent buy! 😻

what a great bag of toys! I have two boys young and old and these have been a hit! every one of these toys are played with although the crinkle balls are the definite favourites for both boys. super cheap but every type of toy in the pack is such good quality. i'd definitely recommend to everyone and i'm sure i'll be buying these again!

12 toys at a great price

Unfortunately cats are not really interested in any of the toys provided, not enough to go crazy for them at least. But at this price, it really doesn't matter! You get 12 high quality toys, much cheaper than elsewhere.


My kitten absolutely adores the mice, particularly the ones made out of plastic mesh with feather tails. They are, without doubt, her favourite toy. Excellent value.
06/08/17 | Emma K

Kittens absolutely love them!!

Bought these for my two kittens. Omg they are amazing!! My kittens chase each other round my flat with a mouse in their mouths and growl if the other comes near the other. I so need to buy more and get a stash going. Kittens not so bothered about the balls as they disappear under the work units in the hallway, but the mice, it's like they've catnip in them, cos they go nuts for them. Don't ever discontinue these please zooplus!!!
12/26/16 | Julie

My 4 cats love these!!!

I've been through so many packs of these, I'm sure one day I'll find them all but my 4 love them, especially the soft mice (would love to be able to buy those separately) but no matter how many they loose Zooplus makes them affordable to replace (every month!)
08/30/16 | Molly

Buy it!

Seriously, for the price, these are fabulous. Every single one of the toys are played with - particular favourites are the leopard print balls and crunchy mice. The bell balls are loved by the cats but not so much by the humans late at night! Amazing value

Fantastic toys, great value

My cat loves all of these toys, she grooms the feather tails sometimes before trying to kill them! Especially pleased with how easy the bells are to get out of the plastic balls (just push one of the bars inwards) and they are so light they zoom across the wooden floor! Great way to get exercise for her!

Soft Mice are Favourites

My Juju absolutely loves the soft mouse- no other toy will compare. Had to buy a second set!
02/28/16 | Laura

Kitties love them!

My two kittens absolutely love these, fantastic value for money!
11/21/15 | Feather

Excellent bag of toys!

My kitten especially likes the soft mice & also likes the jingling balls & other mice. Enough little toys for 2 cat's (3 of each toy in packet) & still have spares for later months when some get lost. Good price. Great shop & service.

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