No use

My kitten is possibly really stupid but he hadn’t got a clue how to get the treats out.. so it’s basically just a ball with treats inside that rattle
08/04/21 | Ahuv

Falls apart easily, loud

Several components come off really easily. Also because of hard plastic rather than rubber, this toy is very loud on hardfloor
02/23/21 | Leanne

Waste of money

Our cats were not bothered with this. The snacks just fell. Out
12/07/20 | Leanne

No good for us

Unfortunately my 2 were not bothered with this at all. Great idea but not for us
05/17/20 | Emma Cox

As Described!

My cat wouldn't play with it, but I just store her treats in it and she loves when I bring it out!
02/01/20 | Porsha

My cat says

It's too hard to get my dreamies out, some get stuck and I get frustrated, so my mum gives me them 😊

broke after 3 days

nice idea and one of my cats loved it and wouldnt let the other cats get a look in. however after 3 days he managed to bite it and break it in two. so not impressed as it could have injured him.

Has become an essential

I have two cats and only one has taken to this but she loves it. Unfortunately for me she has become quite expert at getting the treats out in next to no time, even with the higher difficuty level setting....don't know what the record is but she can get over 10 out in less than half a minute. I wish there was some way of making it a bit more challenging.
06/06/19 | Kate

Cat asks for it to be filled!

Got sent one of these a few years back as a free gift from Zooplus. It took the cat a while to get the idea, but he’s loved this ball and even asks for it to be refilled. Sadly it has now seen better days and has a few cracks in after my sisters border terrier took a liking to it. The other similar treat ball is no where near as challenging or effective, so for 99p I have no excuse but to replace it!

Useless After One Go

Even tiny treats got stuck inside, and there's no way to open it to clean it out get the treats back out. So after one use it was unuseable, as the stuck treats would go yucky inside. Very disappointed, waste of money.

Won't open for cleaning

Any sized treats seemed to get stuck easily and I couldn't get the ball open to clean it out. It was useless after the first few uses.
01/16/19 | Ellie

Great for indoor kittys!

Simple yet so amazing! I thought it would be a good idea to get for when I go out the house so my cat has something else to play with while still getting food and I was right. She loves playing with it and I always put her food in there now because she enjoys it so much. So cheap too!

Needs treats to be extra small

Ball was smaller than I expected and most treats are too big to freely move about in it. Still at 99p what did I expect. Kitten will still enjoy playing with it and I will just have to hunt down some tiny treats to put in it.


Arrived broken and continued to break very easily

cat not interested

Unfortunately my cat does not seem to get it, she won't play with it at all. Shame as it's a great idea
05/04/18 | Christy

great for a fast eater!

our boy cat gobbles down his food so far, that we decided to try a puzzle toy, and it keeps him entertained for ages. its a good way to get an under active cat moving about as well.
12/20/17 | Samantha

treat time fun

i alternate between giving treats for training and this. like a fellow reviewer below me this was purchased after the 'dreamies mouse' was mastered. whilst he has now mastered this also, because this rolls much further he gets more excercise especially when he's batting it around like a maniac! have just had to order a 2nd as the 1st has been swallowed up by a black hole and I can't find it anywhere. only "negative" is that i wish you could level up so to speak, to increase the difficulty.
07/24/17 | Sheena

Great product

The treat ball is a good product although my cat emptied it in no time, I'd bought this as he'd mastered the dreamies mouse a little too well. Think I'm going to need something more challenging for my Enzo!
04/28/17 | Gina

It'll do

Its a nice product, fits plenty of treats. My cat loves smacking it around. However the treats either come out too easily or not at all, there's no inbetween. I'll just have to put less treats in because my cat is extremely greedy!
02/09/17 | Ellen


My indoor Bengals are given treats after their dinner with a ball each,they sit and watch the balls being prepared and once given they excitedly proceed to extract their treats.Dilys likes to get her nose down and "dribble" it like a footballer whilst Bronwyn tends to bat and chase,this has resulted in breaking hers(after about 3 months of violent batting)when it cracked against the corner of the skirting.I have ordered replacements as hand fed treats,although delightful are short lived

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