I purchased this to further reduce the smell (that is quite acceptable with tigerino litter). I was expecting some effects but from day one I did not see any effect on smell, freshness or so. The same result if you do not to have it in place. Sadly I find it completely useless.

02/07/22 | Andhy.Bear.ManchesterUK

I Have A Large CURVER Rattan Effect CatLitter House CATIT DOESNT KEEP SMELL AWAY

A Complete Waste of Money ~ Did Not Keep the Odour Away, Save Your Hard Earned ££ I have Since Purchased & Used A Universal Kitchen Appliance Carbon Filter,.

01/06/22 | Novanne Clark

Catit magic blue kit

Put it in my cats litter box, but did not seem to keep any of the odours away - not very impressed


No smell!!

It lasts much longer than stated. There is no ammonia smell. Would definitely recommend it

09/23/18 | Sonia Bryant

Noticed no difference

Disappointed... absolutely no difference whatsoever... litter tray still stinks and no odour is being absorbed by the Catit Magic Blue

08/17/18 | Dominika

Seems to actually work

Does actually seem to minimise the smell of fresh poop. So far the adhesive keeps the container in place. Would recommend for closed trays.

09/17/17 | Joanna

Would not recommend

There's no instructions and I wasn't sure where and how should I fit this awkwardly designed filter. Finally I've found a demo on YouTube and I've used adhesive spot and stick blue plastic cover inside my cats litter box. Unfortunately my kitten worked out how to open it after first use ... he opened a bag with filtering granules and spread it all over the floor! I wasn't in a room at the time so you can only imagine my shock when I've noticed brownish granuless/powder all over thinking my kitten had a diarrhoea. Luckily my kitten opened only 1 of 2 bags. I've placed the other one on top of hooded litter tray, where a scoop is and I can tell filter works good and that's the only reason I'm giving this product 2 stars.

04/01/17 | Simon Patel

Removes smells fast, very impressed

I purchased Magic Blue on the off chance it would work after trying many different products. I was amazed and so impressed with how effective it is at removing the smell from my cats litter box. Will keep purchasing


Fantastic product, recommend!

I have to say I wish I had known about this product sooner, the effectiveness in odour control is impressive in only a couple of days the ammonia smell that was coming from the litter tray of my two house cats has basically been eliminated making my household environment seem a lot healthier.


Wow flaming marvellous

Well I thought I'd try this. I use normal litter fresh and I don't think it is that brilliant. I have to keep my litter tray in a small area and normally have to empty totally three times a week. Just because of the ammonia smell. Well it's nearly a week with this plugged in on the lid and you can't smell any ammonia