04/22/22 | Tanya


I've tested quite a few brands and I have finally found something I will repurchase! It clumps instantly and if you have enough litter in the toilet, the clump does not stick to the bottom so it's very easy to scoop out. But the most amazing part about this litter is that it completely masks the smell of #2! It can't be flushed down the toilet which made me worried that the bathroom bin might get smelly but the litter has a scent (baby powder) which is only released once the granules get wet.
04/14/22 | Steven

Extremely messy

Only bought this as Tigerino Canada was out of stock. Will not ever buy again, the mess is shockingly difficult to control compared to the other variety.
03/08/22 | Rebecca

First clumping cat litter purchase ever. Very impressed!

Recently decided to switch to clumping cat litter for the first time. I spent a week researching and reading reviews. I decided to try this one first. My two 9 month old kittens used it straight away. The litter grains did stick to their noses. But hasn't really been an issue since the first day, I think they got a bit too curious. Didn't expect the litter to clump the urine so well, it has made cleaning the whole tray a more quicker, dust and smell free task. Highly recommend.

Cat litter

Was clumping up to much my cat didn’t like it. It was going into his paws aswell only best thing is his paws stayed white
12/29/20 | Dee

The best cat 🐈🐈‍⬛🐈 litter

litter my 3 cats 🐈 🐈‍⬛🐈 love 💕 I use it in my litter robot 🤖 and works and last smell 👃🏼 nice when I put a new bag one of my cats loves to rolls around in the brand new bag of litter I got 3 cats and no nasty 😷 litter box smells
12/16/20 | Brenda

Excellent Litter

This litter is really good. My cats love it . It clumps well, there’re easy to remove the clumps. I have been buying this fir my cats for 8 months . And shall continue to do so.
11/18/20 | Cheryl Horton-Powell

Easy clean, hygienic and great value

This product clumps really easily when my moggie has used it, so very easy and fuss free removal of waste, minimalizing odour. TIP- keep the litter topped up which ensures better "clumping"
07/03/20 | Tessa Semple

Disgustingly Unhygienic!

So, this isn’t our usual choice but they were out of stock of our normal litter which may I add is from the same brand! This stuff clumps into almost cement, making it hard for cat to dig and getting it clumped up in paws and causing great discomfort and trailing it everywhere he goes! I find it all over the house. He has obviously tried to clean himself and has now fallen ill, and has gone off his food - is that a coincidence? I’m concerned. I’ve thrown it all out now!
06/01/20 | Brenda

Fantastic litter

I have been buying cat litter for 40 years . And this is by far the best litter I have every bought. I having been buying it for the last 3 months . My cats love it. It smells great . Absorbs odours .
12/08/19 | Monika

not as good as carbon version

not bad, but blue signals is something totally bonkers. Carbon version smell much nicer
11/10/19 | Claire

Bad Choice :(

I normally have the standard Tigerino Clumping Litter, but this time I picked this one because it was new and it was on special offer. I don't know what they have put in this litter, but the smell of it is pretty strong when you clean it out, like a very strong washing powder smell. Too strong for me, let alone my cats. The litter itself is chunkier than their traditional litter and could be uncomfortable for some cats. But what got me was the tracking, it tracks everywhere around the house.
11/08/19 | Jon

I love it!

I've been through wooden pellets and catsan hygiene. Pro: - It clumps really well, huge lumps of it. - I'm saving £££, previously using 800g a day (1 cat), now I'm scooping the rocks and topping up with maybe 200g between full changes. (1st bag, is 2.5 weeks) - the smell is 'contained' Cons - it does track if you don't use a mat. (I didn't previously, but now I do and its fine) - looks and smells like washing powder (very fine) - pricey than others.
10/02/19 | Amy

Worst cat litter ever

This is the worst cat litter we ever tried. The sand doesnt change colour when used, only little specs of sand changing to blue then mixed with the rest. So it looks rather dirtier than the other clumping options. It travels everywhere in the house, it turns to sticky mud than clumping!!! It sticks to the sides or bottom of the litter tray and i already broke 1 scoop trying to scrape it off!! Suggested use is not enough and even filling it more doesnt help, clumping properties are bad!!
09/17/19 | Jean

Best one

I have been buying cat litter for 10 years, tried most those from cheap to expensive. Even though this is one of the dearer ones it lasts a lot longer , I clean the trays twice a day but because of the clumping properties there isn’t much waste, in the end, it works out cheaper
08/14/19 | Linda


How this is rating more than 1 star I really dont know . I bought this on my last order and thought its bound to be good because i use another cat litter by the same Co. But when i put it in there litter tray and the day went on and through the course of 1 day the tracking was EVERYWHERE . I even use a TRACKER MAT and it tracks through the kitchen into my living room and even by the front door which still left these horrible whie granules. Grrrrrrr. I had to return to buy my normal cat litter
08/10/19 | Janette

Best ever

We are a 4 cat 2 tray household and this is the best clumping cat litter we have purchased. There is hardly any tracking and it clumps into solid balls so easy to clean . We have been using it for about a year now and I will only change if they stop making it !
05/06/19 | Madeleine S.

Best cat litter we’ve tried

We are a two cat, three litter tray household and this stuff really works. It clumps like no one’s business and the clumps don’t disintegrate when you scoop them. As a result, we don’t have to change all the litter as often. We are topping up the trays a bit more as it clumps so well that you’ll run out of litter otherwise! Smell-wise, it’s completely neutral which works for us. This has been a total game changer!

Best one I've tried

It's clumps really fast, it doesn't stick to the bottom of the litter box, it holds in smell fairly well and it doesn't hurt so much if you step on it bare foot. The only thing is that the blue indicator is not very prominent but the everything else is so good that it doesn't matter. Oh and the grains are so small that it all falls though the scoop leaving no waste apart from what is on the poop or clumped by per.
12/07/18 | anne hanley

Not as good as the other tigerino's

It did not absorb odor and lasted 2 weeks I bag between 2 litter boxes also not so good at clumping will not use again

Have never rated cat litter as 5 stars before

If you don’t scoop immediately then the concentration of blue signals direct you to where to scoop as it dries so well. Have used it for 4 weeks and the blue crystals are mixed in now evenly but the litter is still dry and clumping easily into very hard balls that don’t fall apart. It has no scent which is very important for my cat and this absorbs smells and moisture easily. Have not noticed any dust and the tracking outside the tray is far less than others (about a dozen grains at a time).

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