05/16/22 | Helen Arthur

3 cats works great!

We have tried so many cat litters and this one is not only inexpensive but it works! No smell of urine or faeces.

02/11/22 | Jagoda Świtała

The worst

Awful! Stinks, I think even cats poo has better smell! And dust everywhere. Never again🤮

09/28/21 | Darena

One of the worst litters I have ever tried

I have 2 ragdoll cats and 3 litter boxes. This litter starts stinking on day 2-3 and by day 4 it’s all wet and soaked through and needs to be changed. It scatters unbelievably far as it’s very small flakes. Wouldn’t recommend it even if you had 1 cat with the smell it won’t last beyond 5days.


Great Product

This litter works really well at eliminating odours and it doesn’t track everywhere either, all of my cats have liked using it and it’s worked really well for my kittens too. The only downside is the size of the bags be she it means one bag barely fills the litter tray but it’s good quality nonetheless.