01/23/22 | Bilal

Excellent for less mess

Very useful for keeping the mess in one place. The whole tray can go in the dishwasher too. I just wish they supplied extra bowls, 2 is not enough for rotation but for £6 and the white ones become discoloured after some time, you can't go wrong.
01/02/21 | Jillian

Great Tray

Bought for my cat before she arrived & glad I did , she puts bits of dry & wet food she doesn't like over the side of the bowls & rather than a messy floor this tray catches it all , so it's a simple wash & dry & bowls back in when your putting out the fresh meat & the dry food pieces are easily collected & binned , best buy for your fussy messy eaters ,
08/26/20 | Debbie


My cat nudge some of her cat food over the bowl that she don’t want, this I brilliant as it catches this and it’s not on the floor. Great item
02/17/20 | Christine

I like it but cats don’t 😢

03/18/18 | Debby


We have four cats and these have been perfect for preventing the cats from getting the food all over the floor. The bowls ants should be d trays are easy to clean and bowls slot back into the trays so they don't move around when the cats eat. They are reasonably priced. My only criticism is that spare bowls should be available to purchase separately.
09/01/17 | A Murray


Love this, my messy cats always lick food out of dishes, at least with this they only lick onto the tray. It's easier to clean than a mat.
02/16/17 | Michelle

Doesn't work for my cat

After reading great reviews I thought finally no more cat food all over the floor! Sadly not, put it down less than five minutes ago and my cat still insists on grabbing a mouthful of food and dropping it on the floor to eat! :0( I give up! Lol Looks good and at least they can't spill water on my newly laid laminate now
01/06/17 | Lou


Messy eaters and food on floor are a thing of the past. These are great. The white bowls have rounded bottoms too so no food stuck in corners. Easy to clean bowls and a quick wipe of the tray easy peasy , no more mess and food waste. Highly recommended and a great price
04/23/16 | lorraine west

clean floors

This is a brilliant product, I have 2 messy eaters and within 2 days of having this problem has been solved. Excellent product at a fantastic price.
01/06/16 | Mrs C Regan

savic butler food tray

This is a brilliant idea, stops the food going on the floor , a lot easier to keep the mess in one place and do`nt step into the food the cat gets on the floor. The dishes easily come out of the tray to be washed and just slot back in when done.
12/10/15 | Luke

Cat Bowls

This tray is brilliant! We have 1 cat and 12 week old kitten and they tend to make loads of mess on the floor. We got this to try and keep the mess to a minimum and it works brilliantly! The bowls are great and you can take them out to wash them. The whole tray is plenty big enough for our two cats.
08/22/15 | Irene Riley


I have two trays...keeps the floor so much cleaner... I would love to buy more dishes as spares...

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