Very strudy

I struggled to find a post sturdy enough for 1 maincoon and 1 large dsh and this has done the trick, I always find them on this or using it


Cat tree

My 2 Maine Coons love this cat tree they clime it and hang on around the trunk like a tree. It’s a race to see who gets the highest point. The finish is of a very good quality and sits in any room beautifully. I would recommend this cat tree 100%

08/09/20 | Sandra

Natural Paradise Scratching Pillar - M

I have nothing but good things to say about the scratch post. My cat Gus doesn't like beds for some reason so I covered the shelfs with plush. I've not attached my post to the wall as I like to move it to the front of the window during the day. It is also very sturdy free standing as Gus runs at his post with force before climbing and the post doesn't move. This post is going to last a long time. I highly recommend this scratch post. 👍

10/21/19 | janette collins

Pillar scratch post

My two Maine coons absolutely love this tower, it takes a serious pounding every day and it still looks as good as it did when new. I did have to resecure it to the wall as it fell, luckily no one human or animal was injured. I bought larger screws and wall plugs and quarter way down under one of the cuddle bed platforms I attached two eye bolts to the wall and used sisal rope to give it that extra strength.