07/06/22 | Cami

Received dirty (used?) product

The product I received has a thicker layer of sticky yellow/brown residue along the plastic hook components… it covers your hands whenever touching it. Once assembled, the bed looks nice but I am still struggling to remove this stubborn sticky substance… I should not have to spend so much energy CLEANING a supposedly new, unused product…
09/13/21 | Christopher McLean

Great bed and price

Slightly annoying to assemble but it's not anything to overly moan about but other than that cats love it and that what matters

Good quality for price

Easy to put together, great for average cat or kittens especially at that price, I really do recommend this, but I wouldn’t fully trust it for a very large cat.

Really happy!!!

Our Scottish Fold is quite fussy to find a nice spot to sleep and we got surprise when we bought this bed. From day one he loved and now is his favourite place to spend long hours sleeping. The quality is not the best, but it looks amazing in our house. Recommended for the price of £12.99
04/11/21 | Claire


My cat absolutely loves this. Well worth the money and added bonus you can machine wash the bedding inside.

An absolute winner

We have welcomed a new kitten to our home. At first he was not too excited about this bed, was a little bit scared. But now, it's an absolute winner of all the beds at home. He is always sleeping there. Only at night he comes to our bed.
01/14/21 | Vicky


My cats absolutely love these I wish I had bought more as the item is now out of stock. I have nine cats and they fight over who gets to sleep in them. Best radiator beds I have ever bought really easy to put together surprisingly strong and great value.
01/04/21 | Suzanne

Doesn't fit my radiator

Ordered as a treat for my cats, upon arrival I put together, but upon not getting the velcro completely straight I try to remove which then starts detaching the glue the velcro is held onto the barrel with. After pressing everything down I find due to my radiator top grill slats running vertically instead of horizontally it is impossible for me to use this item. I am giving it a low rating as while it looks nice with the adhesive coming away just by readjusting the velcro, how secure would it be
11/14/20 | Elena

My cat love it

Perfect place to hide, sleep or play! Very easy to assemble.
10/18/20 | Fiona

Don't use in catios

Brought to use in my outside catio which is protected from rain however not the damp and they went all moldy and had to discard them
10/14/20 | Cameron

Cat loves it! Good size.

My cat loves radiator beds but the ones I usually get tend to bend over time due to the heat from the radiator. This isn't reliant on a metal frame, it's reliant on velcro (I thought it might be flimsy at first but has held my cats fine, so it is strong velcro). The cat that loves radiator beds hopped straight in, and even the one that doesn't like them had a go!
07/24/20 | Marlin

Missy’s hideaway

My 11 week old kitten didn’t use it for the first week it arrived, but now it’s a regular napping spot in the evenings.
03/05/20 | Hannah


Bigger and better than I thought. My cats love them.


When I got it I was supprised that material is attached to plastic grip by a velco. Easaly to put in and holding perfectly, my cats are a bit over 5kg and there is no problem to hold them. I recommend.
02/14/20 | Andrea

Worth every penny

My cat loves this bed, especially during winter.

Cat approved!

This cat bed is fantastic! First day was totally ignored but now I probably need another one cause I have two cats and it seems they don't like to share it! The cat bed is huge and solid, easy to build up (it takes 2 minutes) but not so heavy as I personally aspected. Furthermore I absolutely love the design... Easy to adapt to any home style!

My two love these

My two cats love these they jane one each as they are not good at sharing. When we first opened them I was worried as we have quite wide radiators so they don’t actually loop over the top but the do go over the edge and are really secure
02/07/19 | Donna

Loved by three cats

My three cats compete to sit inside this. It is placed on top of the radiator behind the sofa. I will be getting another one.

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