06/27/20 | Clara

I didn’t like it

I personally didn’t like this - my cat never even got to trying it. The metal poles were quite flimsy and they were collapsing inwards with almost no weight or force. My cat (only 2.2kg) would have collapsed it. From reading the reviews it seems like mine was faulty as others commented their much larger cats were fine. The fleece material was very soft and nice and the size was great. Just a shame I think it was faulty but will not be buying again as the metal in general seemed poor quality.
01/11/20 | Corto

Rather good...but not lasting

I was very pleased (so were my cats) : good size (allowing my two cats at once); the hook (holding the bed to the radiators) are screwed (to allow variable size), and after a year of use they're not fitting anymore, hence it cannot be held anymore... Maybe I was just unlucky with mine !
01/04/19 | Tom Hill

Comfy Warm Bed For The Nutters

Great cat bed- we have a wide radiator and the bed didn’t actually fit the rad.. so I Extended it with some m8 studding - it then fell down with cat in ha .. so I’ve cable tied it down so it doesn’t fall off. And both our tabby cats love it . Ones slightly tubby and it holds her fine. The material seems strong and yer no more falls since it’s been tied down. Great for the price .

Not great

Really disappointed the fur was ripped all along the seam ,we could and did repair this but not what you would expect to do ..very flimsy ..we will stick with one we had before
12/24/18 | Sharon

Best Buy!

This just fits our radiator which aren’t that wide, best ever buy as my boy loves it. Doesn’t look the sturdiest bed to me but Darley my boy has been testing it out to such an extent by doing a lot of jumping on it & he’s a little bigger than the average cat & it seems fine. I always know where to find him!
10/29/18 | Fiona forsyth

Dosent fit the radiator

I bought 2 radiator beds for my kitties but the tilt forward and i was scared they would fall out so I got a bit of wood and put it behind the radiator and hooked it over the wood and radiator which helps . My kitties love them and the dog is pleased as he can have his bed back at last 😝
11/12/16 | Maria

Comfy and easily put together beds

I've bought 2 of these beds and put on 2 different width of radiators. Easy to assemble, I love the fact that you just turn the handle to make it fit. Not have any problems and both kittys loves it. I've washed the cover twice on one of them and its still in fantastic shape. Both my cats loves their beds.
02/06/16 | burmeseowner

Not as good as the last one

They have changed the frame and it is thinner and does not hold its shape at all well. It is fiddly and has grips on the arms that slide off. Our old one is really sturdy and still going strong (purchased in 2009). We needed another one and I have to say this one is inferior.
05/06/15 | Sam

Room for improvement

As others say this does not fit on all radiators. Even when it does, our cats didn't seem that impressed but they do go outside so maybe house-bound would prefer.
05/04/15 | Antonia

"Time for bed," says Honey

Honey just loves this hammock. It is so comfy and the colour complements her apricot colouring. I love it as it is competitively priced and the cover is easy to wash.

Could do better

This radiator bed is fairly flimsy and doesn't stay on the radiator terribly well. The arms that go over the back just twizzle round (that's how you adjust the width of the grip so they go over the top of the radiator) so easily and the bed then falls off. If your cat tried to jump on to it it's likely to give way too! All in all it's cheap but you get what you pay for.
01/01/15 | William Ironside

Kittens love it

We have 4 cats (2 adults and 2 kittens). Our kittens (over 1 year old now) love it and so we will shortly buy another one so that they can have one each. Our adult cats are not trusting it yet (but I suspect they will go for it eventually). Very good quality.
09/26/14 | KTJD

Good quality item etc BUT does not fit v wide radiators

I bought this recently to replace a previous one I bought from zooplus (the Trixie deluxe one), which I've had several years and which my cat loves as an extra bed especially during the winter months. The only radiators in my home where I can use the bed are very wide. I did measure them before ordering and they are 10cm and since it says fits 7-10cm I thought I'd be fine. However, it doesn't fit at all :( Even on the widest fitting, at which point the structure was a little wobbly, it wouldn't fit over. Strangely the Trixie one is described as fitting 6-10cm and fits amazingly well! I like the colour of this radiator bed (beige/latte) better than my original white one which does show the dirt - but not the cat hair as he's silver! However, the plush cover of this one doesn't fit as well and isn't finished very well. The trixie one has a zip so it's all enclosed whereas this one is open with cut edge and no fastenings. But the actual fabric of the Yumi radiator bed is lovely and soft and fluffy so no issues there. Overall this one would be fine provided your radiators are under say 8cm very max wide? Such a shame...
04/24/14 | Brian

Well made and adjustable

Really like these, great colour and the fact that they adjust from 60mm to 100mm is great. They sit very nicely on the radiators and the cats love them!
04/06/14 | Layla

Slightly dissapointed

I bought this for my kitten and it arrived very quickly. It was easy to set up, but sadly does not fit onto my radiators very well. It does hook on, but slightly faces towards the floor. This is because it is just a bit too small to hook onto the back of the radiator, so can only hook onto the front part, leaving a gap and making it gape. I have standard gas radiators, nothing fancy. My kitten can still sleep on it, it's just tilted forward at a funny angle.
04/03/14 | Annabel Cowey


My 6 mth old kitten looks tiny on this bed! It is very sturdy and easy to put on radiator...Im sure she will love it and as it says it is big enough for a large cat..excellent value for money!
04/10/13 | Julia

Instant hit!

The cats love this so much I am off to buy 2 more so that they can have spots all over the house. Fussy beasts that they are I wasn't sure this would get any attention but it has been near constantly occupied since it arrived last week.
11/10/12 | sheree

Loves it

The bed is at a 90 degree angle to radiator. wasn't sure whether sir would approve as his other bed looks at a more snug 45 degree angle. However this is his absolute favorite and the cheapest too so really good purchase.

Radiator bed

Love this product - even though I was a bit worried my cat wouldn't take to it she lay down and slept for hours almost straight away! Only 4 stars because on my radiator it slopes at an alarming angle, meaning I had to do a bit of DIY with some ribbon and two cushions. Probably my fault for not considering my radiator first but still...
08/15/12 | juma

Radiator Bed

Looked nice and cosy but sloped downwards more than I had expected. Bit worried this would mean my cat wouldn't want to sleep on it but within about 10 minutes she was napping on it so it can't seem to bother her. Fits very well on my radiator, even though it's a single one. Its very thin at the top so I was a bit concerned but the hooks are long enough to reach the thicker part lower down :) Overall very satisfyed thankyou <3

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