07/13/21 | Michelle


When it first arrived, door would not fit on the back. Offered refund or exchange; too bust with doing cat volunteering. Next, the top of it has " caved in". This is all in the period of less than 20 months. Nice, but needs to be sheltered from the rain! That's the whole point. It should be able to withstand the rain.


Red spiders

The outside of the box said from China and while I was painting the cat house I noticed inside there were lots of little red spiders not like anything Ive ever seen in the UK they looked dead but it was a bit worrying.


Poor quality

Wood damaged, cat face room entrances all squint, not good quality at all..

07/08/20 | emma

poor quality

Looks nice but very thin and not for outdoors the roof material drops grit off all the time. The back door can't shut as the floor between the two levels sticks out too far and even if it didn't the door is too small so there would be a big gap. Problem is you dont discover thus until the end at which point you're too fed up to dismantle it to return it shame as it looks really nice.


Poor quality roof material

Roof is plywood and the tiles are stuck on. As the whole roof is screwed on, the water enters the plywood and rots it. So now I have front, back and base still okay but whole thing is useless because of the roof

01/04/20 | Becca

Cute little cat house

Very cute little shelter for the fur babies. It's a little smaller than expected, but my boy is nearly 7 kilos and fits. I think a bigger more nervous cat might not want to squeeze into the holes. It was easy enough to put together, better with a helper if you have one. It's a very soft pine and looks like it has been white washed but probably not weather proofed

12/31/19 | Elizabeth Eaton

Château de Chats

Very happy with this cat house. I have three fluffy annoyances so the perfect size for them. Easy to build. Would of been 5 stars but the backdoor is very awkward, there is a slight gap at the top and the lock is very stiff, but other than that, I love it and so do my cats. No more guilt for me, when I'm stuck at work and it starts raining 😊

08/10/19 | clive campbell

Thin pine

Even though, I like the over all look of the cat house, it is made of very thin pine which easily splits. The door for the back of the house did not fit, I had to remove a chuck of wood out of the door so that it would close due to the upper floor.. Also the openings are not very wide. Not impressed at all !

03/17/19 | Fran


Lovely little cat house. We've put it into the catio for our 2 indoor cats to play in. Thinking of giving it a lick of paint thus spring to freshen up. :)

02/23/18 | The Batty Cat Lady

My cat love this hideaway

Quick and easy to assemble alone. Seems robust for the money. Good size for almost any cat (I have 25, all shapes & sizes). I bought a second one of these as the cats just seem to adore this structure even more than their plastic igloo style hideaways. Two of the smaller cats snuggle together even in the top bed with seemly no problems. The door at the back gives easy access for cleaning and changing bedding. I use hay in all our outdoor beds. I would happily recommend this to anyone

10/16/17 | Bouchra

Overall a sturdy and well made house. I love it.

Ample space inside. Looks good. Warning: it comes very lightly whitewashed so will NEED painting or treating to last outside. I did a terrible slapdash varnish job as can be seen in pics. Going to line with straw for warmth. Construction issues: back door would not fit inside hole as inside struts were hitting top shelf, so sliced a hole in the middle of the struts with a saw and now it fits perfectly (see photo). Outer shelf did not pull flush to the front so added 2 screws inside to support.

09/04/17 | Susan Williams

Didn't wear well.

Loved this at first, very attractive, stained it to match my shed. However, 9 months later, the inside walls are all black with damp mould ( even though it's in a sheltered place on the patio ) so obviously not very weatherproof. Don't want my kitties sitting in that, so it's going to the tip 😒

07/22/17 | Anne-Marie

Great value outdoor cat house

Really pleased with this outdoor cat house, I've painted it to match my fencing and it looks really smart.

08/25/16 | Helen Ramos

Madeira Cat House

Fab product and my cats used it within days.

08/15/14 | S.Martin

Much better than I expected.

I love the design of this house and the way it goes together is very simple. Great idea putting the screws are on a piece of card to show you which is which rather than all jumbled together in a bag. The only problem I had, and this is why it has 4 stars instead of 5, is the screws to attach the outside plinth/shelf were too short and would not screw in, so I am probably going to have to try to get longer screws or use a good glue. It looks lovely, but before it goes outside I am going to paint it. I am sure the cats will love it.

06/14/14 | Tracey


Arrived very quickly. Was easy to put together, and looks great when assembled. My cats have been in it, trying to tempt them in with treats. I can see my cats will love this as a shelter in the garden. I have it indoors at the moment, as my babies are not allowed out yet,and hoping they will use indoors, so will use when moved outdoors.

03/21/14 | zoe

amazeing product

brillant product well made and yet so simple to build that is if you dont have 3cats around trying to help you.didnt take long to put together very light weight so it was easy for me to lift on my own to place on a table.the quality was really good every screw nut and bolt lined up perfect.delivery was quick and on time.iv put hay in the beds as i know my cats like this as they used to sleep with the rabbits and is easy to change and in the winter you can put lots of hay in to make it more air tight and warmer for the little ones that use it at night when my 3 are in bed in the house.water tight so far and beleve me we,ve had some rain to test it out.thank you zooplus

03/06/14 | zoe hurcomb

best purchase in years

wow is all i can say what a brillant cat house.anyone can put this together what ever there ablity it was so easy if you keep all cats out the room or as it turns very quickly into a game.it only took 30mins and a cuppa to make.it becomes much stronger than you think as you build it and the quality for the money you pay is very good i was well impressed and would highly recomend it.two out of three cats love it but it alawys takes longer for my one cat as shes always nervous of anything new but in time she will be in it just like the other two.juts got to put some cushions in and were all very happy.thank you

10/25/12 | jegpad

Larger than you think - very pretty

As a useless DIYer it took a 'sod it' and walking away from all the pieces strewn on the floor before I returned to complete the construction. After a little sweat and toil the hefty house was complete. The back door with six separate screws for the hinges was particularly troublesome as the wood is not easy to screw into. So I reduced the number of screws and used a bit of brute force. I also bought the Lodge Cat House and the Cat Den Maisonette which were both easier to construct than this. Now, to the most important part. The cats reaction. They will not go in it, yet. Perhaps it is the smell or the enclosed feel. But despite placing treats in there, the only time I get them into it is by brute force. I have put down some carpet underlay to make it more soft underfoot (yeah yeah) but I still await occupation. However it does look very pretty with pots of ferns next to it.

09/06/12 | Aly

Love it

Arrived promptly. Instructions clear as even I could put it together. Bought it to give my cats a hiding place from the puppy. It has been inspected by them and one slept on the roof but no one has gone in yet. Only had it a day though. Really pleased with the look and the quality. I am keeping it inside so cannot say anything about outdoor durability.

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