05/17/22 | Rosie

Best den!

Great size and look, my fussy large cat loves it, looks great in the room as well.

04/28/22 | Josie

Excellent bed / carrier

Well made, both floofy babes love them, excellent as a bed and for vet checks. They can see around them and the bars are well fixed with strong buckles. Bars allow uw for reassuring strokes. Attractive and functional.

12/30/21 | kerrie buxton

better than expected

i was well chuffed ,,, was wonderful .. larger than expected ,,, ideal for when we get hand rear kittens in , well made

12/15/18 | Alex

lovely basket

very spacious basket, excellent quality, my kitty loves it. it’s a very comfortable home with a lovely fluffy blanket!


Excellent bed/carrier.

I have four Siamese and a Bengal. They love these baskets so much I had to buy two.They do have a few sharp pieces of wicker sticking out inside but it is possible to break some off without damaging the basket. Probably best for adult cats! They are gorgeous baskets, well made and excellent value for money. Need a padded cushion inside as quite hard to lay on without.


Poor value for money

My cat loves this product, though I have found sharp wires coming out of it making it very hazardous. My cat has been using this basket for just a few weeks and already it is dangerous to use!


Very good buy!!

I bought this for my 1 year old ragdolls. There is still plenty of room for them to grow and it's very stylish. They seem to be happier sitting in these than our previous boxes and the hole at the front allows them to see what's going on.


Do not use for kittens!

I bought this extra large carrier to transport my 3 kittens. It turned out to be a very bad idea as they could fit their heads in the gaps. I had to keep my hand across the bars to stop them from escaping which was not ideal for the 45 min drive home! Also i could not find a pillow to fit so had to use a thick blanket but even that was not enough to soften the bottom of the basket.


Adult cats only really

Looks lovely, lots of space, makes a great cat bed in our hallway. However, it could do with more straps as our older cat likes to test her luck pushing at the grate and there can be a bit of a gap at the edges and our kitten can get her head between the bars! We only travel strictly supervised due to this. Probably best for adult cats only.

08/19/15 | Teresa Stirton

best buy

I bought my basket in 2002 its a bed my cay loves it but he's not happy with the cage its roomy my maine coon hae plenty room to turn round and walk it still doing its job but some wicker has broken off it looks not bad for a 13yrs old cage bed. I'm buying the same one as last time. Who'd blame me I highly recommend this basket


always get asked where did I buy it

i have this basket (twice) for 4 years now and it still looks like brand new. I get asked a lot where I bought it. My both cats look very comfortable in it and I only use it for the dreaded trips to the vet. It is an absolute number one for us!

05/03/15 | Rebecca


After my cats learnt how to escape the standard cat boxes this is perfect.

05/03/15 | Vikki Baker

best cat carrier I've come across

A friend purchased this for her rescue kitten. We collected her and she hopped right in and was very comfy for the journey. We put a small pet bed on the bottom for extra comfort and she likes to sleep in there. So getting her in for vet visits is simple