12/04/21 | Diana in London

Pate food - which my Burmese cats disliked

I ordered this food in chicken, salmon & tuna as I wanted to offer my 2 young Burmese a bit of variety from their Royal Canin food (both wet and dry). It is a pate food. So, I do think it would be great for older cats - my previous Burmese in their elder years (from 15 - 19 years) were happy to eat various pate like foods. But my young Burmese did not like this food. I tried it different days, different mealtimes, &/or mixed in with their Royal Canin wet food, but they just don't like it.


Loved by both picky pussy cats

A mouse like texture and the turkey, chicken and salmon varieties are all enjoyed by my two picky eaters. Not sure how long they will continue to eat it but great while it's lasts. Not keen on tuna variety though they like the real thing with mayo.

10/25/21 | Lucie

My cats love it but too much plastic!

My cats really enjoy this food, but I'm just a bit disappointed by the amount of plastic in the packaging. Doesn't matter it's recyclable if your council won't recycle it. 5 stars if the food came in tins rather than plastic trays.