03/12/22 | Richard

Literally a Lifesaver

Our cat has hyperactive thyroid and IBS (or cancer) and even though she was getting the various meds we were still seeing diarrhea on a daily basis, a deteriorating cat that didn't seem to have long and we were pretty much out of options. Being put on this diet has transformed her and she has already beaten the vet's prediction of less than a year left. The minute we give her anything else (including other sensitivity products for variety) the diarrhea returns .


My cat loves it

My cat has been diagnosed with IBD and her tummy has been reacting badly to some foods. She adores this one, asking for seconds and her tummy seems to have settled. Definitely a great choice for us!

01/27/21 | Raquel

Expensive, taurine content not specified

This food was recommended by my vet because of tummy issues caused by a parasite to help my kitten recover. Being a vet product you expect good quality ingredients but I am shocked by the quality. Also RC seems not to specify their taurine content, which being a such important thing for our cats you would expect to see in their package or website. Also most pouches contain less food than specified, as I weight the rations, I found out that most have only 70g of food, not 85g.

12/31/20 | Nadia

Just the best for sensitive cats

My cat has extreme sensitivity to lots of regular foods. But this food is perfect. She likes the taste and it always settlles her after an episode, when I am at a loss of what to feed her. Please keep stocking this Zooplus as it is very difficult to get hold of

08/12/20 | Catherine

Made diarrhoea worse

My cat has Chronic Kidney disease and now pancreatitis and has awful, leaky diarrhoea - he spent 4 days at the vets and they fed him on this and it made the situation considerably worse. After stopping this food, I managed to get it back under control after about 4/5 days. Would not recommend at all.

04/15/20 | Andre

waste of money.

My cat is not eating it at all....and she has skin disease called Granuloma on her upper lip bzically u can see the signs of it, it was rcommeded it as it is sensitive food but she not eating it at all. I think this product is over rated and of a con-jib..

04/02/20 | Eulalia

Wonderful experience to my palate

After a big talk between my cat and I, here is her opinion: "the food have all the ingredients needed for my delicate tummy with an exquisite chicken flavour, thank you"

03/11/20 | Jackie Fuchshuber

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Cat – Sensitivity Control Chicken

My cat has IBD and after trying many different foods I finally found this one. This is the only food which stops his diarrhea and vomiting. Shame on Royal Canin for reducing the pack quantity from 100g to 85g. (have you noticed the 100g figure has disappeared from the front of the new pack).Locating an alternative means my cat suffering all the old symptoms again, whilst I search. This food is not exactly cheap so think it is apalling for RC to do this. 5 stars for product 1 star for RC.


v expensive

Agree that they seem to have cornered the market when it comes to feeding unwell cats and taken advantage to put up the price sneakily. I didn't notice that the pouches had been reduced in size and my cat went hungry for a week or two. I did complain direct to Royal Canin, who at first said the recipe hadn't changed. I feel in a tough spot as I can't keep trying out different foods on my cat as that itself makes him ill. Anyone found an alternative?

11/01/19 | Jane Buckley

royal canin chicken and rice sensitivity control

Unfortunately my cat is very fussy and will not eat anything else and does have stomach problems. Very, very disappointed with the weight reduction as this is a very expensive food anyway. I will be researching an alternative.

10/23/19 | Kay Moore

Very disappointed

Very disappointed in the reduction in weight to 85g. Not only is this so much more expensive, it's difficult to calculate if dividing the sachet. Royal Canin, please take this back up to 100g. I will look for an alternative if this stays as it is.


Disappointed Royal canin

My cat has a delicate stomach and this wet food is ideal for him, and he loves it. But unfortunately, as other buyer, I had a hungry cat till a realized the pouches were 15 % less than before. I wrote to Royal Canin and they said they changed the size to the average meal portion. Not for my cat it isn't. Shame on you Royal Canin, just a sneaky way of making more money I'd say.

10/15/19 | Ian Crisp


Like others, very disappointed in the recent change in recipe and amount from 100g to 85g at the same price. I hope that Royal Canin will re-think. Meanwhile, I too will be looking for an alternative that my cat with Irritable Bowel Syndrome will be able to tolerate.


Amount of food reduced

I have been buying this Royal Canin Veterinary control food for my British Shorthaired cat for a long time, this time when ordering I find the amount has been cut from 100g to 85g for the same price. My cat will eat all this pouch in a day + plus a few biscuits. If you cannot revert back to 100g I will look for another brand.

09/12/19 | A Plaskett

Reduction in size and less chicken

Note: not only has weight been reduced from 100g to 85g but recipe has now changed and has 38% chicken instead of 40%. Cat noticed a difference. Not sure what to do now as before 1 pouch lasted 2 meals but now 85g cannot be split into 2 meals. Not sure why they have done this as the profits in this food must be huge. How can the same company make Whiskars for £3 and £10 for this.

09/06/19 | Rachel Coldbreath

Used to be 100g sachets. Now 85g. Same price!

My cat can only eat this food, so I have no choice but to buy it. Until a few weeks ago the sachets were 100g X 12. Now they're 85g x 12 for the same price! That's a rip off!

09/04/19 | rosemary wagener

Product reduction from 100 g down to 85 g ?

Good product, but I wonder how many people have noticed the big reduction in the pouch content. With 4 cats this is quite a hike in price for me.

09/04/19 | Jenny Lorde

Shame on you Royal Canin

I recently got a repeat order for this excellent food but was horrified to discover that the pouch size has been reduced from 100g to 85g, while remaining at the same expensive price. I only realised this when my cats complained that they were still hungry. Shame on you Royal Canin for taking the food out of our cats' mouths. I would rather you increased the price than sneakily reduce the weight of the pouches. I will be looking elsewhere for my cat food.

08/19/19 | Jo Ireson

Getting too expensive

Disappointing to see the size of these pouches go down from 100g to 85g and yet the price has stayed the same. This was already an expensive food and this shrinkflation has just made it even harder for pet owners to afford, which is such a shame because it's a good food.

09/18/18 | shirley swaine

Recommend it

Just over 2 years ago my cat, then 16, developed periodic extreme stomach rumblings lasting several days. Vet could find nothing wrong. This summer, now 18, it became constant with some vomiting and colic otherwise well. Seems he's developed an intolerance and this is the only specialist wet food any of my cats have ever eaten. I do pep it up with a small amount of extra minced chicken because it's all he is being fed, but he will eat it without.

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