06/12/22 | Stacey Thomas

Amazing quality

Such high quality meat that when serving it up I've found many chunks of meat. My cats love it and turn their nose up if anything else is offered
03/27/22 | JPM

Purrfect cat 🐈😸 food

Great product and decent meat 🍖 content that my cat 🐈 likes. Other well known and more expensive brands that have little or no meat 🍖 and that my cats would often turn their whiskers up at are history. Only complaint I have was delivery by Yodel. They left the items I had payed quite a lot of money for out on the street without even knocking our door or entering our property. My partner had no idea it was left outside our home by Yodel and had to drag the heavy box into our home 🏠. Not good
02/09/22 | Alina

My cats hate it.

My cats are not that picky, but they don't want to touch this one.
11/05/21 | MP

Quite offal-rich, but a solid source of 'clean' protein

1-year-old cats enjoyed various Animonda Carny flavours since being kittens; adult versions no less popular. Yet to find a flavour they didn't like, though I prefer to keep beef intake down which eliminates at least a third of the range. Being free from added carbs/sugars makes this much better than most UK supermarket brands, with far higher meat protein content (albeit fairly offal-heavy I suspect). Pate-like texture without too much fatty residue. Decent affordable nutrition.
10/23/21 | Claire Joines

Brilliant cat food

Best tinned wet food I can find in terms of nutritional value and it shows - cat is pooping once a day, nice healthy poops, fur is soft and shiny, and best of it's really cheap so works out at 60p a day. The negative reviews state offal and fat as negatives - cats need animal fat in their food so the white stuff is good! And cats are animals that don't just eat nice looking human food - offal is fine and a cat will eat the whole of its prey (including the bits we might deem gross).
07/29/21 | Donna

Happy cats, happy customers.

I have bought this cat food for my cats for a number of weeks now, since the cat food I had them on was recalled. I am so happy to I have found this food, as it is higher in meat content than we can find anywhere in the uk. I have 4 cats and are all enjoying their new food. Ordering is very easy and delivery was fast! We got it the day after ordering. Very happy. Thank you.

High meat content food at a great price

I feed this food to all three of my cats and they all enjoy it. great price for such a good quality food. Highly recommend.
02/04/21 | NR

Good and healthy but has fillers now

Have been buying these for a while but the price has slowly increased from roughly 2.5/kg to 3.0/kg, while also having white fillers inside each tin. Looks like potatoes or animal fat or something.

Just what I needed

Kittens and cats both love this food, it’s very similar to natures menu only cheaper because it comes in 400g tins, this is great for weaning kittens especially if you add a few spoonfuls of boiled water as makes the perfect texture for weaning. Good meat content over all extremely pleased will be buying more!
07/24/20 | Maria

My Cats Rather Like This

This food is pretty meaty but not too chunky. My cats always seem to like and enjoy it but I swap it around with other brands.

Too much offal

Always a had a number of chunks or tubes of offal in the tin. Looks terrible and needed to throw away those bits. Cats didnt like the flavours much either.
08/30/19 | Megan

Has this changed?

My 2 cats used to love this food so I bought a bulk order and now they won't touch it. I'm wondering if the recipe or ingredients have changed?
06/26/19 | Lottie


After finding I couldn’t get Whiskas pate from this site and my emails requesting to know why have been ignored, I decided to try Animonda. It looks good, it smells good but my not-at-all-fussy cats hate it. The only other food they have ever turned their nose up at is pets at home own brand. I refuse to buy jelly and gravy options as my cats just lick it off leaving them hungry and dry chunks in the bowl. Am also concerned at the price hikes. This site is no longer good value.

Very poor

This is one of the food my cats hates!!All my three cats do not eat a bit and they usually likes most cat food.But this one they would rather starve than eat!Do not buy!waste of money!

removed flavour

theyve removed the turkey, chicken, and shrimp flavour
06/02/19 | Janine

Great quality

This stuff is tasty for the cats and cheaper for me. Give it a go!
05/18/19 | Vivienne Cockerill

Best cat food

Cats love it
05/09/19 | Sarah

Good food, Good price

good quality food at a good price.
03/15/18 | Olivia

Good food, but cats have gone off it

Initialy this had a good reception (i left a 5* review) but now it is left in the bowl after a few bites. I wonder if they might be finding it too "beefy" and high in offal. However this might be due to me introducing other foods and they've become little divas
02/15/18 | Olivia

My cats love it, and great for their intolerances

We'd had enough of the smelly litter trays and the mess that was left in them after their visits. I suspected a grain intolerance (I have 1 persian and 2 ragdoll x Persians).I slowly introduced animonda into their previous cat food (felix) and within 9 days my cats had pleasant litter trays and softer shiny coats. They eagerly wait for mealtimes and it is all eaten within a few hours. The tins are very dense too so they dont need too much to fill them up

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