02/10/22 | Val Plumb

Kitty cat approved

I have 10 cats and finding a food they all like is a nightmare, since switching to perfect fit they all arrive home like clockwork to let me know it’s dinner time! 10 happy cats and one happy owner!


Good quality and price

My cats love it ❤️

11/24/21 | Jayne

Ragdoll favourite

We have a fussy Ragdoll who we got to love this, it was at our local supermarket but they stopped the range so back to finding him something he liked. I get my kitten food on here so thought I would look to see if it was on here…success, my boy is happy again.

09/10/21 | K Field

LOVED by two Ragdolls!

I've tried numerous wet food brands for my two VERY fussy Ragdolls! They either turn their noses up/walk away or it gives them diarrhea. So glad that I've found Perfect Fit. They start meowing as soon as I open the packet, devour it all and the best part....no diarrhea!

01/20/21 | Mel

Enjoyed by 5 fussy cats!

Must of tried every brand on here, but this one was a yes all round.

12/21/18 | Evelina

Really good

My abyssinian cat loves it, it’s really hard to find wet food which my fussy cat would like it.

12/13/18 | Lina

Our three love it!

We've always been very conscious of the levels of real meat in food and recently our regular food seems to have lessened in quality. Our three longhairs are fussy in the sense that they will only eat food that is in a gravy type sauce! Many premium brands are like pate which they hate, but this looks like chunks of real meet in a fine gravy and the veg is very visible. They have lapped it up so we're happy to have found it!

08/01/18 | Susie

High Quality and Delicious

Our cat loves this food and there's a good mix of flavors in this pack. It's great to know it's supporting his health too.


Delicious and great price too

My cats love it and now only eat Perfect Fit.

07/26/18 | originally published in zooplus.de

Wet food from Perfect Fit is the best

For a long time I didn't know that Perfect Fit did pouches. Now I have discovered this mixed pack and my cats want nothing else anymore.