02/13/22 | Migle

My kitten loves it

Only eats this food. Does not touch anything else.

02/03/21 | Daniel Stone

Cats won't touch touch it

Don't usually leave reviews but had to comment after buying two boxes of this and finding neither of my cats will touch it for some reason - One even scrapes at the floor like he's trying to cover it up! They have quite a varied diet, and like most food, but I've never seen them react to a food this way. Has something change with this recipe or something?

12/02/20 | Kylie Richardson

Brilliant service

Great service from Zooplus. I won’t go any else for my kitten food now. Great quality and brilliant quick and effective service

07/27/20 | Diamar

OK, but there is a better food

Our 12 week old kitten was weaned on IAMS and some other dry food. So when we took her from breeder we continued feeding her IAMS pouches and dry kibbles she knew. Then we introduced her to Natures Menu Kitten pouches on day 4. She never looked back! We thought we would make a slow and steady transition, as advisable, but once she tried NM pouches (over 70% meat content versus IAMS with 34%) she stopped eating IAMS. 7 pouches left, will have to donate them to local shelter. :)


Too chunky

I have several cats and kittens and none of them eat this properly as they just lick up the sauce and leave the chunks

11/21/19 | Angela


My boys really like this. You get a lot in the sachet so I split one between my two cats for their evening meal. There's no way they could eat a full one on their own. Anyway its a nice cheaper alternative to to a lot of the other brands and the cats give two paws up.

12/11/17 | Megan

I am an IAMS tortie

My seventeen week old tortie absolutely loves this product which is good because she's such a fussy eater. I really hope they just start doing packs of the chicken ones for the adults as well so we can continue her on them as she gets older.

07/05/17 | Dulcie


I bought a variety of wet pouches my two new additions and this is the only one which they will completely finish so it must be tasty!

07/23/10 | Amina Nielsen

Very good product

We have 3 small kittens where 2 of them loves this product....the third one wont eat it for some reason. Very good product though.