08/13/21 | SABRINA

Iaams land&sea in jelly but the recipe not same

My cats hate the new recipe it has peas and peppers in which is a Nono for my cats won't touch it and I bought the big bumper double pack I'm afraid I won't be buying this again

02/08/21 | Sophie Lancaster

Big boy cat only accepts this!

Oscar, a huge 3yr old boy will not accept any other wet cat food. Really wish there was also an option to buy mega pack of just land collection in jelly as well as just the sea collection in jelly mega pack option too..

12/20/20 | Marketa


I bought a pack in supermarket that my cat was very happy to eat. Pleased with that, I decided to buy a huge pack to alternate with the more expensive food she gets and now she licks the gravy and barely touches the rest. Quite a waste. I can see from other reviews that the food has changed recently. What a shame. Won't be buying again.

03/04/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Iams cat food

First time ordering Iams and my kitties love this!

03/03/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Tasty and healthy

Our girls really enjoy these pouches and I am especially impressed that no sugar is included and there is a nice selection of different varieties is included. Will buy again!


Very good

Our cats love it


New flavours

We have exactly the same experience - they have changed the food completely and our cat won't touch the new stuff. Red peppers flavour doesn't even get sniffed at and carrots don't go down either. How disappointing. We will be switching!

02/17/16 | Laurene Reid

Product Change

My cats prefer the old style Iams in Jelly and Gravy. There is one pack in this box which has RED PEPPER!!! My cats won't eat it now I am buying up as much of the old type as I can find. I can not afford to buy this and waste 3 packs of the one they don't like. If they sold separate packs I could buy them. This is so different and my cats are not enjoying their food if I buy them.