10/17/21 | Mandy Chatterton

Orange and white packs

We rehomed a 5 yr old Maine Coon early this year, and after trying literally everything, Iams hit the spot. Unfortunately, the packaging has changed & he won't eat the food with the new white packaging! I have been in touch with Iams and they said that the recipes are exactly the same, but Odin doesn't think so! Luckily Zooplus have had stock of the orange pack for now!

08/24/21 | B Steinbach

Obsessed 🥰

My male cat is super picky, and he never eats wet food that happily. Until he tried out this one! He absolutely loves it highly recommend it ❤️❤️☺️

04/25/17 | Sue Billows

Fussy Birmans

I have been having a nightmare trying to find a food my boys will eat. I must have more packets of rejected food than the local supermarket. One of my boys decided he liked the Delights Delicious Salmon & Trout but it only comes in mixed boxes... would be great if IAMS did boxes of individual flavours

02/14/16 | Lisa Parker

mixed review

Am really upset, the original IAMS in gravy is the only food that my fusspot would eat...so I sent for the large replacement pack of the delights mixed selection....will only eat the tuna; salmon and cod! now have 24 meat selection going begging!