03/02/22 | Craig

Cat food

This cat food is brilliant it's quality in a tin my cat loves this stuff


Tasty Stuff!

This is the only range that my fussy boy will consistently eat. Please keep stocking it!

09/02/20 | Alison Giles

Much enjoyed!

My 4 British Blues love this food. They do tend to go off food after a while but this seems to be forever popular. Thank goodness!



My fussy cat absolutely loves the chicken, tomato and spinach flavour!

05/29/20 | LhasaMom

A Luxurious Much Loved Treat

"Miss Picky Picky" better known as Jazzmina, has always been fussy when it comes to her food. She likes one brand, one flavour, in gravy ........ But I do try and encourage her to taste something new. It started with the Chicken Soup that this company makes as a Christmas treat .... Big Paws Up!! And then we tried this ..... OMGoodness, both her and her brother (he's "Mr Tinned Tuna Face") relished every morsel and sat begging at the cupboard for more! Gravy, veggies, flaky chicken - so good