04/09/22 | Lellie

Small, but good

The pouches are 50g so smaller than your average HOWEVER the price reflects the size so you're still getting bang for your buck. Smaller pouches are good for cats who eat little bit
01/07/22 | Heather

Small portions for fussy cats.

I have a Ragdoll and two domestic cats. They can be picky with wet food however Choo choo, Lexi and scraggles all enjoyed these pouches. Even the beef variety was eaten and I find that is usually an unpopular variety. We will continue to buy.
04/13/21 | Kenco's mama

Don't bother! Waste of money!

Bought a box as an extra 'treat' for my cat, but wish I hadn't bothered! Although I knew the pouches would be small (like I said, bought as an additional treat and NOT as a replacement for a meal) I was shocked at how little food was in each pouch! Tiny pouch LESS than half filled!? When weighed, they DID NOT contain 50g of food. 😡 Going back to his normal treats and have told cat friends NOT to bother with these.
02/19/21 | Phil

Good food in small portions

This seems like good food, I'm always wary of food that doesn't list the true percentage of animal products in it, but there are chunks in with the gravy and my Bengal loves it, but always wants more! I bought this knowing that it is very small portions, so I am not going to take any stars away for that. I did buy it on a very good offer, I would not buy it without that offer though, as the pouches are just too small for my hungry cat (don' let that put you off if your cat has a small appetite!)
02/12/19 | Sylvie Delaruelle

Very good service with zooplus

Very good

Good for picky eaters!

My two 14 year old rescue cats are both in early stages of kidney disease. They are fed predominately Kidney prescription food, but as their appetites wane with the disease (and basically being picky cats) I mix them each half a pack of this in to con them into eating their prescription diet and they yum it up. Vet has confirmed that its better they eat than not! I like this brand because the packs are small enough - 20-25g if I split a pack between them - that I'm not wasting cat food.

Horrid packaging

My cats really love this cat food so i have to keep buying it. The packaging is horrid, it has to be ripped across to open the pouches and they don't rip cleanly or evenly leaving a nasty flap to smear across the back of your hand as you try to scrape the food out! Very annoying!
02/05/17 | Tam

Gourmet Mon Petit - My cats won't eat anything else!

I have 2 exotics who in their previous home were only ever fed dry food, I wanted to give them an enhanced diet with wet food and tried lots of different brands, but they just wouldn't touch it. Then I tried Gourmet Mon Petit and bingo! There's something about the flavour they love - even though they are now used to the texture of wet food they still won't eat any other brand!
04/15/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

cat food

Suits perfectly, my cat is happy.
04/10/16 | originally published in zooplus.fr

without a doubt delicious

Lena loves these bags as they're very delicious. Fidji, Princesse and Bouby also like them. Lena loves them so much that she eats them out of the others bowls. What a ghoul!

Bubble Loves It!

Trying to please 18 year old Bubble the Cat is a challenge, but this recipe seems to do the trick. Let's hope she doesn't tire of it!
03/14/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Bodo likes it

My cat bodo is very picky but he likes this food.
07/24/15 | originally published in bitiba.co.uk

The best for fussy cats

My cat only eats and loves this food because its REAL And not flavoured spongy biscuit or rubbish. She wont eat any other packet food because the content isnt up to her standards she just sniffs and walks away even if shes really hungry.

Mon Petit

My 3 cats can't get enough of Gourmet Mon Petit! Initially thought of it as a small snack, it now is a part of their daily food routine!

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